Webhelp are delighted to sponsor Scotland’s first-ever national public art trail which is raising vital funds for children in hospital across Scotland. Here, we talk to artist Laura Hallet, revealing the design process behind our bespoke ‘Oor Wullie’ sculpture and how she feels about the incredible impact the trail is having.

Each week of the event takes on a different theme, as it is Art, Music & Culture Week, we are focusing on the Arts. Freelance illustrator Laura Hallet, the designer of #OorCharles, Webhelp’s artwork, shares her artistic background and her enthusiasm on being chosen to paint a sculpture for the trail.

First of all, tell us about yourself?

I’m a Bristol based freelance illustrator, originally from Birmingham. I work primarily in watercolour and ink and specialise in illustrated maps and architectural illustrations. However, I enjoy working across the board on food, lifestyle, and narrative, in addition to information illustration.

I also love taking part in public art trails like the Big Bucket Trail and have painted several other sculptures before, most recently including a giant Gromit in Bristol which was fantastic. One of my favourite things about this process is meeting so many other local artists whilst working in the shared studio spaces, and I really enjoyed this whilst in Glasgow. Visiting new places is a great source of inspiration for my work.