International business solutions director at Webhelp, Jasper Klootwijk, explains how a recent trip to the company’s Moroccan experience centres blew away his preconceptions about the country and left him convinced it is the ideal base for delivering an outstanding to Europe.

One of the great things about travelling is the opportunity to overcome any prejudices you may have about countries by experiencing them first hand.

Just recently I visited the “jewel of North Africa,” Morocco, where Webhelp has more than 8,000 coleagues delivering offshore services to France – where we are the market leader – and European countries including Belgium, Spain and the UK.

Stepping out of the heat and into the cool, bright space of our Rabat site, I was welcomed with an individual pot of refreshing Maghrebi mint tea and bite-sized portions of rose petal covered local pastries. 

I remind myself I am not on holiday and start my tour of the facility. 

A quick wave to the children playing in our daycare space; a stop off in the medical room, and an envious glance at the sports facilities; I’m suddenly conscious that this would be the envy of many people working in Europe.

Much more impressive than the facilities are the people.

Finding and retaining the right people plays a critical part in the success of Webhelp internationally and so it was a great experience to spend the afternoon in our specially designed recruitment centre. The team has created a rapid assesment which sees candidates progress through a tailor-made assement process over a number of hours. The interactive sessions deliver an answer for the applicants that very day.

Webhelp is a renowed employer in Morocco. World class candidates approach us on the basis of our reputation as cutting edge customer experience engineers and as a people oriented business.

The result of being able to attract the best people, creates the best results for our clients and the ultimate experience for their customer. Even the scale of this vast operation doesn’t distract from the bespoke solutions emerging from the team here; each precisely addressing the needs of each customer project.

We felt the heat leave the sun as we grouped together in a chilled courtyard, drapped with foliage and spring flowers. I sat amidst a group of colleagues chatting animatedly above the gentle music from the restaurant’s lute player, as they shared their plans for the coming week. As I listened, I took the opportunity to enjoy a piece of Morocco I was already very familar with: a large bowl of  Kefta tagine. A wonderful end to my first day on Moroccan soil.

With my business hat on; I found Morocco to be stable, liberal and economically sound. As man with regular wanderlust; I am totally satisfied.. for now. 

These views are my own and do not reflect that of The Webhelp Group.