The time to transform is now – automation drives process efficiency and increases customer NPS.

2020 has been an eye opener for organisations all around the world. The acceleration of digital capabilities has been the greatest influence for organizations to differentiate and exceed customer’s expectations.

Automation has become an integral tool for organizations customer journey strategy. But when global adversities occur, we must consider a holistic approach to provide personal value and a seamless multichannel service.

Adapting with automation

We have worked with our travel clients to assess and implement intelligent automation as organisations look to accelerate their automation journeys and make their business models more scalable and resilient to pandemic-like situations.

Adapting automation processes was an obvious choice to handle the influx of requests from customers. Automation unlocks the power to listen and empathise with customers through robotics, chatbots, voice calls etc. providing an end-to-end service.

With our travel clients, we implemented these processes to save time and optimise cost efficiency, such as: Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) systems, and data analytics. These tools drive improvement and measures the quality of services provided to enhance the overall customer experience.

Travel can be a complex process, and the uncertainty of travel in 2020 has been a key factor in amplifying these programmes and customizing them to fit personal business processes.

Automation empowers people

As we phase through these uncertainties, we must adapt and learn quickly, especially when it comes to travel. As industry expert Nora Boros says, “travellers go through a myriad of emotions”, the connection with customers has never been more important, but also adapting and learning about why and how the customer is interacting through different touchpoints.

Using the data from AI technology adds value and enables us to connect with customers on an emotional level. But an emotional connection and personalisation cannot always be achieved through this process. Therefore, it’s important to have a holistic approach to personalise and have in-depth conversations with customers. That way it enables us to solve problems quicker with machine learning and continue to develop and improve experiences.

Our advisors are trained on emotional intelligence to better understand the needs of customers to provide a seamless service. Automation is an empowering tool for people to improve customers experience and develop their professional and personal skills.

We believe understanding the power of automation and a human mindset approach connects you with your customers to achieve the most value for their journey with you.

Interested in how this can support your customer experience strategy? Watch our travel rebound webinar where we discuss with industry experts about their key learnings and implementation for their future strategy.

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