Robin Harrison, Webhelp’s Chief Marketing Officer, talks through what Webhelp Anywhere means for brands interested in delivering world-class customer service, flexibly and at scale.

What is Webhelp Anywhere?

Webhelp Anywhere is two things: 

  1. It’s a new methodology for designing operating models for customer operations, which are fit for the future – incorporating shoring and new working models 
  2. Coupled with a hybrid-cloud platform to deliver these requirements both today, and tomorrow. 

Ultimately, Webhelp Anywhere helps organizations access the best of the talent and capabilities they need, at scale, to deliver world-class customer experience consistently and flexibly. 

The proprietary methodology creates the optimum design across onshore, nearshore, and offshore and on-site, hybrid and virtual environments, based on an individual brand’s requirements 

The platform is instantly flexible and infinitely scalable. It’s built around 6 integrated modules:

  1. talent
  2. engagement
  3. technology
  4. security
  5. performance
  6. resilience.  

The outcome is consistent performance and a seamless experience for customers, clients, and colleagues.

Why is it important now? 

Customer experience no longer means thinking about a single interaction between customer and contact centre advisor. It means considering multiple channels across the entire customer journey,  the processes which support them, in an ‘always on’ environment. 

To enable the execution of this kind of thinking, brands need to consider the operation, the people, and the technology that underpins all of this.  

To give an idea of the complexity – the Anywhere approach assesses over 50 design criteria to create the right blend of shoring models and new working models based on the requirements of any individual business.  

But there are really 3 core questions that companies need to be asking themselves: 

  1. What does best in class customer experience look like for my business?
  2. How and where can I attract, retain, and develop the right talent to support this?
  3. How do leverage technology, shoring, and working models to drive flexibility and scalability into my operation, without compromising performance or security? 

What do companies need to be thinking about? 

Customer service design had already begun a process of massive transformation when the pandemic put it directly in the spotlight in 2020.  

What we’re seeing now is a major acceleration of this experience revolution. In fact, after 2 years of having to deal with what was immediately in front of them, 92% of CX leaders are telling us they are going to transform their operation in the next 12 months. 

If organizations are going to do this, and do it properly, traditional thinking and approaches will no longer work.

If you’re interested in finding out how Webhelp Anywhere can help your organisation provide flexible, scalable, world-class customer service, don’t hesitate to get in touch.