Tammy Chetty has recently been appointed as the new Managing Director of our South Africa operations and started her role in January. Tammy brings with her a wealth of experience in the private, corporate sector of business as well as impact sourcing. She has held senior roles in the Business Banking division, working for Barclays where she led a team of over 2,000 people. However, most recently she has worked for Harambee since 2014 which is a Youth Employment Accelerator that builds solutions for the global challenge of youth unemployment. Harambee have a longstanding partnership with Webhelp which is where Tammy first learned about the company and began to appreciate its values.  

Can you describe your journey to Webhelp?

My journey to Webhelp has been an interesting one. I’ve been working alongside of Webhelp for a number of years now, in the impact sourcing space. I’m really passionate about impact sourcing, and the work that I was doing through Harambee and partnered with Webhelp in placing young people within the organization. I felt that Webhelp is extremely well aligned with the impact sourcing agenda in the country, given the high unemployment levels, and so I’ve worked really closely with Webhelp over the last couple of years, got to know many of the people in South Africa and the UK region, worked with some senior leaders and got to know the business a little bit.  

I felt a strong alignment between the work that I was doing in impact sourcing and the work that Webhelp was doing, so it feels like a natural transition from impact sourcing to Webhelp. 

What excites you about working at Webhelp?

The first thing that struck me was the engagement. Before even joining Webhelp, there was just a sense of community. Webhelp really feels like a family of people who care about one another, who care about their clients, who care about people within the organization and who care about the communities that they operate in. Those are strong values that I feel pretty well aligned to and that really resonate with me. So, I feel like my first sense of engagement with Webhelp in terms of taking up this role has been that.  

Then, I mean, just joining Webhelp has been absolutely incredible. I feel like everybody has put their arms around me and welcomed me on board, and been amazing in helping me understand the business and get to know everyone and everything.  

Beyond the physical experience that I’ve had, I think Webhelp is an amazing business for me personally. I think how it aligns with my personal goals is having come from a background in banking initially, and then impact sourcing. So it feels like a combination of my two sets of skills that I have acquired over the last couple of decades, and bringing that together in Webhelp which is both a corporate environment with an entrepreneurial mind-set, with impact sourcing as a priority on the agenda. So it feels like a nice combination of all of the things that are exciting to me, and Webhelp feels like a natural place for me to land.  

I’m super excited, I think that there are great growth opportunities, I love the clients that we bring on board, I love the people that we have, and I love the passion within the business. Everyone that I’ve spoken to just rallies around what needs to get done so I just love that culture. 

What does South Africa mean to you?

Well firstly, South Africa is home. I’ve travelled to so many places, in the last decade a lot more than previously, but South Africa is the place that I think I can make the greatest impact. I love travelling the world, but whenever I come back home I breathe a deep sigh of relief, because I’m home. And I feel like if I can make a huge impact in this country where it’s so greatly needed, then that’s like my purpose in life.  

Just yesterday, I was talking to one of our sales team and he was sharing a story about one of the young people that had joined Webhelp from Harambee. This young man had said that he feels that one of the values of Webhelp – ‘Think Human’ – is really lived out in his life, because since he’s been able to find a job and work at Webhelp, he’s been able to see his siblings go to school and pay for their fees, and send a family member to university and pay for those fees. So it’s made a huge and significant impact in his life, and probably generationally for his family. So that’s what South Africa means to me, making that kind of impact on a daily basis is just what really resonates with me. 

Tammy Chetty

Managing Director Operations, South Africa

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