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Web 3.0 is a huge opportunity for brands—even ones that aren’t traditionally digital—to earn money on digital assets, try new ideas, and market in a novel and highly engaging way. But Wild West experiences won’t attract the masses. Profitability hinges on building an experience that feels safe and trustworthy.

Download our whitepaper to learn about how content moderation will grow up in Web 3.0

  • 5 emerging trust & safety principles for the metaverse
  • Why brands should treat trust & safety as a revenue driver
  • How brands will need to shift from moderating content to policing conduct
  • How the role of content moderation will change in Web 3.0
  • What skills are needed to moderate interactions between players in real time

Consumers crave experiences that are engaging and intuitive, and they also need to feel safe from violations and fraud.
But this critical need—paired with the exponential complexity the metaverse will introduce—is a perfect storm for brands who are already struggling with Web 2.0 moderation.