Over the past decade, retail professionals have encountered a persistent quandary: how to balance the desire to embrace digital, self-service, and automation technologies with the need to cultivate more profound “human” relationships with customers.

Striking the balance is at the heart of modern retail experience design.

In collaboration with Gobeyond Partners, part of the Webhelp Group, this eBook leverages unique insights from that will explore the different benefits of convenience (digital and self-service automation tools) and conversation (human interaction), and how each can generate considerable value when applied correctly. Discover:

  1. How to create effortless shopping
  2. The value of conversation to create emotional experience
  3. How the Voice of the Customer (VOC) can help you listen, empower, and engage
  4. How we’ve worked with clients to unlock the value of retail interactions
  5. Five-step framework to an efficient, optimized customer journey