Webhelp have partnered with USB Executive Development to co-create a two-year programme to help Passionate Game Changers excel in their development journey. This week, we celebrated the end of the first year for 33 of our future leaders in South Africa.

In October 2020, Webhelp South Africa and the University of Stellenbosch Executive Development launched a unique leadership acceleration programme to develop an inclusive and accredited route into future business leadership.

At Webhelp, we are fully committed to diversity and inclusivity. To achieve the right leadership we invest in our people and develop their skills in the business. We want to see everyone who has capability have the opportunity to be the best they can be, which is why our partnership with USB is a key component in our talent strategy.

The co-created leadership acceleration programme is a 2-year course ground in academic theory, whilst ensuring practical application for the BPO and Webhelp context. The university has been an ideal partner in enabling the delivery of the programme, with candidates accelerating into leadership positions.


On 7 July, we hosted a celebration event to recognise 33 candidates – 18 female, 15 male – successfully completing the first year of the two-year course. The event looked back at the year one journey so far, with video testimonials from our participants our leaders and our sponsors.

Our CEO, David Turner applauded candidates on their commitment during what has been an incredibly challenging year, and thanked the university for their incredible support.

“You wouldn’t have been able to achieve this if we did not have important educators involved such as our partners at the university who have guided and coached our people. I have seen the most fulsome praise come through from our participants.”


In addition, David closed with three thoughts for candidates to consider when going into year two.

  1. Continue to be curious – being curious allows you to ask the right questions.
  2. Be disruptive – aim to be the future game-changes of South Africa, look to change things and be different.
  3. Be humble – the only way you can learn is for you to believe that you don’t know everything.


USB Executive Development truly brought our talent agenda vision to realty. The programme has been a phenomenal success on every level and our people have been gifted with invaluable experience and learning. In addition, we have observed three of our senior managers successfully promoted into director roles because of the partnership.

Gillian Campbell, our Chief People Officer admired the discretionary effort our people put in to manage this program on top of their day job.

“Each and every one of you, both participants and contributors, should take pride in how far you’ve come and have faith in how far you will go.”

We look forward to seeing our candidates progress and excel in their leadership journey in year two. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with USB and we cannot thank line managers, sponsors, mentors and assessors enough. Their contribution has really enabled some of the success stories we have seen.


Finally, we would like to extend our congratulations once again to all candidates on the end of year one, it has been a pleasure watching you transform into the leaders you are destined to be. To our partners at USB Executive Development, thank you for helping us to create and deliver this rewarding programme.