This new partnership, designed to support 40 pupils across 3 East Ayrshire schools into jobs, apprenticeships or vocational college courses when they leave, was launched on the 21st April, in Kilmarnock.

WorkingRite, a local Scottish employability charity, has been testing this model (called Rite to Work) across East Ayrshire schools for the last two years with impressive results. Over 80% (41 young people) achieved a start on a working career of their choice. Most came to Rite to Work with a history of poor school attendance and little confidence in their futures. What they achieved by the end of the programme greatly exceeded their expectations.

WorkingRite now hope that what started in East Ayrshire will expand to benefit many more schools throughout Scotland.

Webhelp and Think Human Foundation will support the project through a grant, as well as additional fundraising and staff support from UK based Webhelp staff.

Sandy Campbell, founder of WorkingRite, said: “We are delighted to launch our partnership with Webhelp and Think Human Foundation.  Both organizations and WorkingRite share a common ethos of supporting people on a human level: with Webhelp it’s in the business world, for Think Human Foundation, it’s their desire to have a positive impact on empowering young people through education and for WorkingRite it’s the cornerstone of how we work with our young people – providing them with the individualised mentoring they need to achieve a successful working future.

“Webhelp and Think Human Foundation are backing us at an important time. As a charity, we are excited by the potential of this new model of employability support for young people before they leave school. Rite to Work is bridging a void that can open up for too many of our young people as they approach their school leaving date. By giving them the mentored and coaching support they need whilst they are still at school, Rite to Work is helping each of them to transition seamlessly into a confident working future.”

Ben Faes, Webhelp’s UK CEO commented: “We’re so pleased to be offering support to WorkingRite alongside Think Human Foundation. As a people first business, Webhelp are passionate about the development and empowerment of young people, and we believe this partnership is critical in helping bridge the gap between school and the world of work. We’re incredibly excited about what we can achieve together, which we hope will have a profound effect on these young people having a bright future.” 

Paul McGurn, Deputy Head, Robert Burns Academy, one of the schools that has embraced the Rite to Work pilot project, said: “Rite To Work was developed at the exact time we needed it: post-Covid, when we really needed to increase support to our young people who were living and learning in very challenging circumstances. The project offers valuable mentoring and support to prepare young people for leaving school and transitioning into work and we would love to see the pilot replicated throughout Scotland.”

Webhelp has a long history of offering Scottish people opportunities to develop and grow their careers from its sites in Scotland. In addition to the Rite-To-Work programme, the customer engagement company is involved in various community uplift programmes. Among them are The More Movement, Webhelp’s Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy that aims to make ‘business more human’ through inclusive and sustainable growth. The business also has a focus on the inclusive growth and economic empowerment of those from disadvantaged backgrounds as part of its inclusive hiring model.