Webhelp has been selected as the financial transaction and customer experience partner for the new Gourming initiative launched in Paris on January 18.

Gourming, a name derived from Gourmet and Sourcing, is a B2B marketplace to allow small and medium artisan French food manufacturers and producers easier access to international markets to sell their products.

Webhelp is working with Gourming to remove two of the major barriers to small French producers successfully developing the global market for their products, and as such has become a key partner in the development of this marketplace.

Smaller businesses have traditionally struggled to match the customer experience standards offered by the larger companies. Through this initiative, Webhelp will be able to provide these businesses with access to customer contact channels, such as email, webchat and voice, which they would not be in a position to deliver to their customers independently.

Another major stumbling block for small and artisan producers has been the ability to transact through the systems and methods preferred by each different market. Through its partnership with Webhelp, Gourming is able to breach that difficulty and facilitate easy payments that will work for both buyers and sellers.

Vincent Bernard, president of Webhelp France, explained: “The launch of the Gourming platform confirms our vision: B2B marketplaces are an exceptional opportunity. Their success is based on the ability to build targeted partnerships and Webhelp is very pleased and proud to be a part of that journey. We will offer international payment services that are fully compliant and reliable and through this platform, smaller businesses will have the ability to access our award winning and renowned customer experience solutions. We are delighted to be able to support the exceptional businesses operating in the French food production market and are proud of our role in helping them to bring their products to a global customer base.”