Webhelp created a buzz in Ayrshire with the installation of two beehives at its Kilmarnock customer experience centre. In recent years, there has been a real reduction in bee numbers in the UK, so last year Webhelp announced a new partnership with Plan Bee Ltd, with the installation of its first ever bee colonies at its Sheffield customer experience centre. The Sheffield initiative has been so successful that Webhelp recently expanded its bee population in Kilmarnock.

Carl Schaefer, Webhelp’s Chief Information Officer, said:

“Webhelp cares passionately about the environment and as a leading employer in the area we believe we have a responsibility to help sustain the local ecosystem, and also to engage and educate on green issues in general.

“In this exciting initiative, Webhelp Kilmarnock will be home for approximately 120,000 honeybees, enhancing biodiversity and featuring in our beekeeping and engagement sessions with Webhelp employees and local schools.”

In recognition of World Honeybee Day, Webhelp employees in Kilmarnock have been able to get up close and personal with their new neighbours. The team had the chance to don bee-keeping outfits and see how the newest recruits worked up close. They even got the chance to taste some Webhelp honey.

The hives will help provide a habitat for these native pollinators, and alongside a range of wildflowers that have been planted, there should be plenty to keep the bees occupied. This initiative is part of a wider environmental strategy with further activity planned across 2019.