Webhelp UK Region is celebrating World Humanitarian Day by sharing a very special story, highlighting how one big-hearted employee is making an incredible difference to those directly affected by the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic in South Africa.

Donna Oakes, part of the Claremont Facilities Team, founded Alms of Love in 2016, a non-government organisation (NGO), which means it does not receive government support and is founded and funded by citizens. The organisation was inspired by a personal experience in a settlement near her home, as she explains:

“As I drove along the gravel path, I was greeted by a group of dirty-faced, barely clothed children who were about 3 and 4 years of age, and my heart broke. I was shocked to see how poverty had gripped this small community and thought – how can I live so close to a community that is so clearly in need of help?”

Motivated to find a constructive way to make a difference, she created Alms of Love to give freely and completely to those who need it most. Unfortunately the COVID crisis had a significant impact on those already in poverty, and the need for support increased in Donna’s community during lockdown. Low-income households were hit by job losses and food quickly became an urgent requirement for families. Donna quickly realised that;
“Access to nutritious meals can be difficult for some members of the community at the best of times but knowing that children could be going to bed hungry drove me to do all I could for the disadvantaged in my community during lockdown.”