Webhelp hosted the second of our Disruptor Dinners at the Shangri-la at the Shard in London yesterday, as part of our highly regarded yearlong series, which examines and identifies significant disruptors of Customer Experience (CX). This session looked at the impact of changing generations on the marketplace.

This comes at an exciting time for Webhelp, with an international rollout of a new brand identity and vision to “make business more human” forming the backdrop for this event.

At Webhelp, we witness our people working smoothly in collaboration, across generations, guiding each other through difficult situations and dealing with complex customer queries. However, the night raised some interesting points on the importance of understanding who your customers are and using the right ‘voice’ to reach them.

David Turner, Webhelp CEO, was passionate about the value of this series, and its capacity to change the game, saying:

“I was delighted to host the latest Disruptor Dinner in London. There were some great insights and discussions made by a mix of current Webhelp clients and industry experts.
I am keen to continue the momentum in our next event on Emotional Connections.
We will continue to ‘Think Human’ as this growing group of independent guests promote innovation, share fresh ideas and inspire collaboration across the sector.”

To stay on the cutting edge of public opinion, read our new Generations Whitepaper and discover how to compete and thrive in the rapidly changing demographic mix.

Watch this space for more details, as we prepare to launch the next chapter in our Disrupter series, looking at the impact of emotional connections on CX.

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