Brandon Aitken, Chief Commercial Officer, Webhelp South Africa

In October South Africa was named the Global Destination of the Year by the Global Sourcing Association. While this is great recognition, it’s unlikely to be a surprise to the people that work in our industry – nor to the clients that have been seduced by everything the country has to offer.

An increasingly popular offshore destination for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – according to the international research firm Everest Group, the global services market in South Africa has grown at an unprecedented annual rate of 22% percent over the past four years – there are many reasons that make South Africa such an attractive destination.

Firstly, there’s great support from the South African government. Recognising that outsourced operations are integral to the development of the country, there’s significant investment in the sector. Contact centres are now firmly established in South Africa’s business landscape, and the government is strongly aligned with our industry’s drive to contribute to skills growth and development.

Secondly, operating from South Africa is a shrewd financial decision; it costs between 50 and 60 percent less than it would to run the same centres in the UK, Australia, and the United States. The United Kingdom leads the way in investing in South African BPO Services; however, businesses in Australia and the US are increasingly attracted to South Africa’s skilled English-speaking advisors and competitive cost base.

Last but not least, South Africa’s BPO workforce is exceptional. Neutral accented English-speaking customer experience professionals are available across the country. Not only are they inquisitive and quick to learn, they have exceptional levels of empathy and a strong cultural affinity to the UK and Australia, and increasingly to the USA.

To conclude, it’s no surprise that South Africa is most definitely hitting the mark. As a country and a destination, we have a strong, credible and competitive offering. We have a talented labour pool and high levels of government support.  This is why South Africa is the leading global destination for customer experience and business process outsourcing. And it’s why Webhelp is reinforcing its investment in this world-class destination.

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