Webhelp has been working with specialist interactive training provider VIVIDA to deliver powerful learning experiences to keep our people safe, both at work and in their personal lives.


With over 15,000 people working across the UK, India and South Africa, cyber security is one of our top priorities. With so many businesses now experiencing cyber-attacks, we’re very aware of the importance of looking at new and innovative ways to deliver cyber security awareness training.

Simeon Quarrie, CEO of VIVIDA explains:

For myself and VIVIDA, helping people make the most of the positive side of the internet is really important, and we felt Webhelp have exactly the same DNA. What we particularly appreciate is Webhelp’s desire to help colleagues internally, which is a really key and vital step. They had exactly the same beliefs as VIVIDA on helping their own colleagues and team members in a way which really resonates with them through communicating in a way that’s clear, enjoyable and easy to understand, which our focus is as well.”

Allowing our people to take on the role of a cyber-agent, this new training aims to ensure all colleagues have the tools and resources needed to stay safe and secure online by bringing to life what cyber security means. Going through a series of unique gamified modules in an interactive cyber security training centre, the training offers real life examples to help them identify scams, spot risks at home and learn about staying safe online.


Passionate about delivering training people will remember and truly benefit from, Webhelp’s Chief Risk and Technology Officer James Allen describes how they set out to use immersive storytelling to bring cyber security awareness to life:

As a business, Webhelp prioritises protecting itself from cyber threats and so ensuring colleagues understand cyber security is key.  When we saw the VIVIDA learning modules and saw for ourselves they really were like no other, delivering this training was an easy decision to make as not only will it help us to reduce our most pressing cyber risks, it’s a way of us supporting our people to stay safe in their personal lives as well. The feedback we’ve had from colleagues has been extremely positive with many telling us how easy it’s been to apply to their lives.”


As the business continues to engage with its people to ensure the stay safe online, we’ll be launching a homeworking module during Cyber Awareness month which will focus on recognising and eliminating threats in a homeworking environment.