Webhelp recently hosted a keynote panel as part of the LSX World Congress in London, an event that welcomed healthcare industry leaders, founders and CEOs,  from innovative start-ups to major healthcare organisations. 

In attendance from Webhelp were Dr Jerome Stevens, General Manager and co-founder of Webhelp Medica, Emma Bouché, Head of Healthcare at Webhelp UK, and the newly appointed Tom Houston, Healthcare – Client Partner, Gobeyond Partners (part of the Webhelp Group). 

On day two of the congress, we hosted a panel entitled ‘The Devil Is in the Data: How the Medtech Sector Is Optimising Its Data Assets and Connecting with Consumers in a Wholly Patient-Centric Approach’. 

Dr Jerome Stevens moderated the panel, joined by four speakers – Marc Julien, Co-CEO of Diabeloop, Laurent Vandebrouck, CEO of Chronolife, Eliane Schutte, CEO of Xeltis, and finally Ian Crosbie, CEO of Sequana Medical. 

Topics discussed included: 

  • Unlocking the full potential of health data and new applications in 2022 
  • Healthcare professionals and patient onboarding, training and ongoing support 
  • Information is power: ethical data use and the importance of patient transparency 
  • How to ensure data security and demonstrate best practice for healthcare professionals and patients 

Overall, it was an incredibly valuable session with the panel sharing informative insights from both their own organisations and their individual experiences, garnered from a career in the healthcare sector. Here Jerome outlines his three main observations:

  • Investors are focused on revenue growth which is the main driver for valuation; clarity in vision and simplicity in operations is fundamental 
  • COVID has accelerated the adoption of Telemedicine. In this new formative market, MedTech/HealthTech companies need to seize the opportunities for growth 
  • Fast-growing MedTech/HeathTech players need to keep focused on driving innovation. To achieve this, they need to leverage outsourcing solutions: lead generation, customer service, health care professionals onboarding and patient support.  Emma Bouché, Head of Healthcare at Webhelp UK, developed this theme further in her recent article looking at how communication strategies can positively impact the relationship between patients, physicians and innovative healthtech solutions 

If you would like to watch the full panel discussion, the video is available

The follow up article from Emma Bouche, is available here.