Do you believe in the Metaverse? Do you buy the hype?

At Webhelp, we’re pragmatists: whether or not the metaverse becomes mainstream, it’s already driving business model and product transformation at warp speed.

To put it simply, today, the Metaverse is a vast collection of platforms, social networks, video games, and virtual worlds where citizen-consumers can interact in the form of avatars.

It’s bringing together millions of internet users, its rate of growth is mind-boggling, and the tech giants are investing billions of dollars in it. Something is happening. As you will see in our lateste OneShot edition, e-commerce is shifting towards meta-com-merce. And as it shifts, it’s enriching the omnichannel customer relationship with an additional dimension, one in which brands will have to listen to and support their customers in a brand new way.

Another major change: Web 3.0 and decentralized autonomous organizations (aka DAOs) are introducing new customer-oriented organizational scenarios which give customers new powers.

At Webhelp, we’re embracing these game-changers and constantly evolving our Webhelp Anywhere organization so we remain agile, flexible, decentralized, and secure, and ready to provide you with omnichannel support, whichever markets you’re in. And even if you’re not (yet) in the Metaverse!


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