Webhelp, Europe’s third largest customer experience and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company, has praised the organisers of the inaugural Viva Technology held in Paris last week (Jun 30 – Jul 2) for successfully bringing together key investors, global industry players, pioneering startups and students in an environment where new ideas were presented, explored and developed.

Webhelp sponsored the customer experience lab at Viva Technology and hosted 50 startups from across the globe, chosen following an open call to submit ideas for six different challenges. These challenges are in the areas Webhelp believes will shape the future of customer experience.

The startups were invited to the Webhelp lab and given the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a jury of venture capitalists, Webhelp’s clients, who are leading global players in a range of industries and Webhelp’s senior management.

Olivier Duha, Webhelp co-founder and president, said: “Webhelp leverages the best people, technology and ideas to allow us to engineer the ultimate in customer contact experience. This first Viva Technology delivered exactly what we had hoped it would – the opportunity to bring together our clients, pioneering startups at the forefront of digital transformation and key investors. Having all these groups together in one room provided inspiration and the opportunity for discussion and development of ideas. As facilitators of this investigation into how technology will be able to support the future of customer experience, we are increasingly being seen in our clients’ eyes as a technology enabler.”

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