Webhelp Spain President, Helena Guardians Cambó received the award from Raquel Gil, Commissioner for the Promotion of Employment and Policies against the Precariousness of the Barcelona City Council.

Barcelona Activa has celebrated the presentation of the 10th edition of the Barcelona Award for Innovative Business in Organization and Use of Time. The event included spaces for debate and dialogue on the use of time in the workplace and with the participation of professionals from companies awarded in previous editions. The initiative aims to recognize the work done by companies and entities to support their colleagues’ work-life balance.

The recognition is part of the Pact of Time, a strategy promoted by the Barcelona City Council to achieve a municipal commitment to healthier uses of time. In addition, this year Barcelona has become the first city to act as the World Capital in Time Policies.

The tenth edition has awarded four categories, micro, small, medium and large companies, being the last one in which Webhelp has won.

Webhelp Spain has been recognized for its best practice in developing a Social Kinship measure, which grants the permits established by agreement, to friends or co-workers, even if they do not have a family relationship. This measure especially favors employees who do not have family in our country. And by favoring them, we achieve a better environment for all of our teams.

Helena Guardans i Cambó, Webhelp Spain President, stated: “We are very grateful to the Barcelona City Council for this award, because it is very important that they value that what favors people favors the company and that this is the best way forward, working with measures that do not take into account only immediate performance”. And she also added that: “a very special reason for satisfaction and a show of collaboration is that Webhelp applied for this award at the suggestion of a member from the employee’s council.”