Leading global customer experience expert Webhelp is hoping to prove it is as much a force to be reckoned with in the world of long distance triathalons as it is in the global outsourcing business with three entries into this weekend’s (Sunday, May 7) Challenge Lisboa event.

Starting just 400m from the door of Webhelp’s multilingual hub in Lisbon, the race features three stages – a 1.9km swim in the Atlantic, a 90km cycle and a 21km run (or half marathon).

Webhelp is fielding two teams in the corporate relay section, where each part of the race is completed by a different team member, and one person in the solo section.

In team one Webhelp’s global sales unit director, Mike Purvis, will tackle the swim, global director of research and development, Dave Pattman will take on the cycle and completing the half marathon will be UK chief operating officer, Anton Manley.

In the second team Richard Carr, environmental and contract support manager, will top and tale the race by completing the swim and the run, with business development director Rob Liley completing the cycle.

Taking on the solo race, where all three stages have to be completed by just one person, is Webhelp’s data and analytics director, Chris Bryson.

Chris explained why Webhelp was taking part in Challenge Lisboa this year: “At Webhelp we are all about pushing the boundaries as a business and we wanted to take that philosophy into this challenge and push ourselves as individuals too.

“We are extremely proud of our business in Portugal and of the people who work there. Since the race starts practically at the door of our site in Lisbon, we thought this would be an ideal way to show support for the team there and highlight their great work.”

Lisbon is one of Webhelp’s multilingual sites, which means the business can provide consistent levels of customer experience across a number of different languages. In Lisbon there are 500 advisors, offering up to 22 different languages to 10 international clients.

Webhelp has five other multilingual hubs, in Athens, Prague, Stuttgart, Enschede and Bucharest, and each site offers at least 12 different languages. The ability to offer languages in a country in which they are non-native allows Webhelp to support its clients with consistently high levels of service across a number of languages, as well as the flexibility to adapt to economic or political events which might affect operations in one particular location.