Webhelp, the leading customer experience (CX) and business solutions provider, announces its partnership with the Trust & Safety Professional Association (TSPA), making it the first business process outsourcer (BPO) to join the organization.

Webhelp will provide all its content moderators and trust and safety employees with a membership to TSPA.

The Trust & Safety Professional Association is a non-partisan membership association that supports the global community of professionals who develop and enforce principles and policies that define acceptable behavior and content online.

Webhelp is committed to investing in its people, and their development and mental well-being, so that they feel empowered to provide clients and their customers with quality service and expert knowledge. Joining the TSPA will complement Webhelp moderators’ ability to provide trust and safety services to leading brands across the world, both large and small businesses.

“The work of trust and safety professionals is critical to the health and safety of the internet and society at large,” said Charlotte Willner, Executive Director of TSPA. “It’s so important to uplift the people doing this essential work, and we are thrilled to have Webhelp express their commitment to these professionals by joining as one of our annual supporters. We look forward to welcoming Webhelp’s trust and safety team to our community of practice.”

Ensuring online platforms are safe for billions of users is part of Webhelp content moderators’ role every day. Their moderators are critical in providing a trusted platform that’s also compliant with online regulatory for more than 250 clients and their users around the world, in 20+ languages.

This membership supports Webhelp’s ambitions to shape the future of a safe online environment and participate in the debate to make the profession progress in the right direction, whether related to policies or workforce management.

Paul Danter, Co-CEO of Digital Content Services, Webhelp said:

“Joining the TSPA is an important step as we continue to expand our trust and safety offering across the globe. As the industry is transforming rapidly, it’s essential that we empower and support our moderators with the latest industry knowledge and best practices so we can continue to support and advise our clients in the best way possible.”

Webhelp moderators will have a space to gather with like-minded peers during events, workshops, and panels to discuss trust and safety topics and become industry ambassadors to excel in their profession.

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