Approaching prospects in a manner that they are comfortable with and receptive to isn’t a new concept in face-to-face sales. So why has outbound sales struggled to follow suit?

If a brand can use their knowledge of a customer to make contact and offer a product or service that is perceived as useful, then this type of customer experience can create a positive impact. Where a company is seen to offer value, rather than crudely attempting to sell more products, again this can build a relationship, rather than break it down – a common consequence of a traditional outbound cold call.

In our next webinar to be held on the 29th October, Webhelp solutions consultant, Paul Cox, will discuss the shape of next generation Intelligent Outbound contact, covering:

  • The pitfalls to learn from
  • The role of data and analytics
  • Enabling sales through technology
  • People
  • Environment design

He’ll bring the topic to life using a recent case study. If outbound selling is on your agenda, register now.

Sign up for the webinar here.

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