Van uitglijders naar successen op social media

Social media zijn niet meer weg te denken. Terwijl we volop kijken, posten en liken, zien we ook dat organisaties verder kijken dan social media als extra kanaal voor webcare. En dat betekent nieuwe kansen voor communicatie, customer service, brandmanagement en marketing.

Dus hoe zorg je ervoor dat je aanwezigheid op social media ook daadwerkelijk effect heeft? De inzet van social media wordt echt succesvol als je precies weet wat je ermee wilt bereiken. Gaat het om hogere klanttevredenheid, een groot bereik van een campagne of meer bekendheid voor een nieuw product?

In dit blog nemen we je mee in een groeimodel: een stappenplan waarmee je bij elke stap méér uit je socialmedia-activiteiten kunt halen. De praktijkvoorbeelden laten zien hoe het op social media góed, en soms ook hopeloos fout kan gaan. Dus wees voorbereid. Want wie een goed strategieplan heeft en zijn processen op orde, zal de successen zien toenemen en uitglijders kunnen voorkomen. (more…)

Webhelp neemt PitechPlus over

Webhelp Group kondigt de overname van PitechPlus aan: een Roemeens bedrijf dat op maat gemaakte softwareoplossingen ontwerpt, ontwikkelt en implementeert voor verkoopdigitalisering en procesautomatisering. PitechPlus ondersteunt grotere Europese bedrijven met hun digitale strategie en werkt voor diverse sectoren waaronder automotive, toerisme & reizen, overheid en online gaming. Deze overname weerspiegelt de strategie van Webhelp om haar technologische dienstverlening uit te breiden en klanten beter te helpen met hun digitale transformatie. Voor klantrelatiebeheer, automatisering en kunstmatige intelligentie (AI) worden oplossingen op maat geboden. (more…)

The Game-Changer Mindset

New business ideas that are channeled towards creating innovative products pop up every day, however, very few of them manage to change the status quo in their respective fields. Executing an idea is just as important as the people who drive that change – they are a critical success factor of the project.

“Don’t just play the game - change the game. The goals are to create, improve on, and innovate around best practices in order to find next practices” - Mike Myatt

Game changers are people who cause transformational change in their organizations from the ordinary to exceptional by being;

In their pursuit to make a difference, game changers such as Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson recognized for their big ideas stayed relentless and committed. They work extra hard to turn their dreams into reality. Such successful leaders are committed people who know potential is of little value if it does not materialize at the right time.

Game changers are not copycats! They challenge the status quo by breaking conventions and encouraging diversity of thought. In today’s competitive markets, being unique and different is essential to gaining competitive advantage. Being original in your way of business will help you gain a long-term distinctive edge.

Game changers that are inspired with great leadership are nothing short of aware. They are not only self-aware, they are also aware of the emotions and needs of others. Their character possesses a precise blend of intrinsic curiosity and extrinsic focus. Being in touch with a greater purpose, they understand the value of serving other people beyond themselves. And for you to be a real game changer, your purpose should inspire, serve, help and improve the livelihood of others.

The world’s greatest problem solvers either had profound expertise or partnered with people who did. Taking Steve Jobs as an example, he had an immense vision about enhancing the user experience of their customers nonetheless, he needed his teammate Steve Wozniak’s engineering skills to turn the idea into reality. True game changers build their ideas swiftly and sustainably. They build upon themselves to catalyze other opportunities in the future.

Our fast-paced business world causes constant market adjustments, sales fluctuations and tight profit margins. As a result, staying aware of where your service or product life cycle is, allows a business to timely strategize and implement necessary changes in order to ensure ongoing sales and profit.

Furthermore, owing to the market dynamism, a product or service that is relevant today may lose its relevance tomorrow. The market awareness of what’s in and what's out and who the new players are is paramount in ensuring what you offer your clients is relevant and in demand. Facing challenges head-on with commitment and enthusiasm helps organizations to grow and to do better.

Being empathetic in the workplace bears meaningful and concrete returns. It helps to sustain a company for the long term. Empathy enhances the understanding of your customers’ pain points and how you can solve them, as well as making you better at problem-solving and innovation. It’s important for understanding your staff’s development needs as well as motivating your team.

At Webhelp, we’re an intrinsically human company – a community of passionate game-changers who strive to make a difference in the lives of people and businesses. We bring together highly competent and fun-loving people and give them the freedom and tools they need to look after our clients’ customers as if they were their own.

With creativity and innovation as part of our core, we keep our minds open to finding new ways of working that break the codes and help us drive success. As a team we dare test new approaches, and even if we may stumble sometimes, this only means we learn and grow. Being brave enough to innovate helps us change the game.

Clients at the heart – they are kings

Years of customer research show that if a company delivers a good or a service that is scantly “acceptable“ sooner rather than later, a better provider will snatch them from your customer base. It is thus paramount for organizations to understand their clients’ delights, expectations as well as their needs. This can be achieved through splitting the product and services in three categories namely:

Must haves – this category includes elements that clients expect to receive. And an increase of customer satisfaction is directly attached to it. This means any omission of the must haves that were agreed upon may lead to a blatant CSAT decrease if these issues are not acted upon.

Nice to haves – these are elements of products or services that aren’t necessarily expected nonetheless, they enhance a client’s life and consequently drive satisfaction higher when effectively delivered.

Differentiators – this stage distinguishes a company from its competitors. Customers do not expect them but are delighted to receive them e.g. when companies go the extra mile to fulfill and exceed the clients’ needs.

In putting their clients at the heart of everything they do, businesses and brands have a direct impact on their own success, for various reasons such as;

Protecting this key asset

There is no company that can operate without its clients. In fact, clients are indeed the cornerstone of conducting businesses. They may be fellow partners who have collaborated with you, or customers who purchase from you. Undeniably, they are a crucial factor for the success of any business.

Nurturing brand ambassadors

Is the customer, always right? While this may not always be true depending on the situation at hand, customers are key to your business success and you are responsible for how they perceive your business. And because a customer’s perception is their reality, a company’s brand identity & mission statement should not only resonate with but also be reflected on your way of business so as to turn your clients into your brand ambassadors.


Many companies allocate a huge budget on attracting new clients when all they should first secure is to keep the existing ones happy. Implementing this strategy enables a company to elevate their sales through cost reduction and referrals to their contacts and/or business partners.


Winning or losing a market share all depends on how a brand wow’s its customers. A good place to start is with segmentation. Understanding the different clients you work with and tailoring your approach to meet their needs guarantees your clients’ satisfaction and loyalty. Consequently, this allows for an increase in sales and the sustainable growth of your business.

At Webhelp, our clients are at the heart of all we do. We offer a full-service set of customer experience and business solutions for our clients across the globe. From customer experience solutions & consultancy, social media moderation, helpdesk & specialist support to payment services through voice, social and digital channels.

Our tech enablement team is always at the forefront of tech. They focus on bringing together client needs with innovative solutions which enhances the customer experience with AI powered solutions and voice analytics amongst other innovative tools.

By putting our client at the heart, we form true partnerships driven by a sense of shared purpose. Each and every one of us is the face and voice of the numerous brands we work for. By putting ourselves in their shoes and ensuring we truly understand them, we not only provide the best experiences for their customers, but also help our clients to grow. Their success is driven by our ability to go beyond the norm.

We hold our client’s best interest at the heart of the company and work towards improving their business as if it were our own.