Could you give me 5 reasons to live in your city?

OK. Here’s a short listicle:

1. Low cost of living. And a comfortable life! Supermarket and international goods prices may be similar to the ones in other Western countries. But Bucharest offers affordable accommodation, world-class entertainment and services.

2. Diverse nightlife. We don’t have only Ibiza-style nightclubs but also centuries-old inns, chic wine bars, prestigious music festivals and epic concerts, themed restaurants and a strong coffee culture. It’s like this every season!

3. Large affordable apartments. Whether you choose to live on your own (yes, in Bucharest this is a common practice even for young people) or with housemates, our flats are spacious and have a homely vibe.

4. Warp-speed internet. Just google ‘countries with the best internet in the world’ and you’ll find out that Romania always comes up in top 10. Bucharest is also one of the best cities for employees and freelancers who work from home.

5. Safety at any hour of the day and night. As Romanians, we don’t quite realise it. But all our expat friends keep telling us that Bucharest is a lot safer than other Western capitals and large cities.