Could you give me 5 reasons to live in your city?

OK. Here’s a short listicle:

1. Weather and lifestyle. Lisbon is the kind of city that will bring out your inner explorer. Since the temperature rarely drops below 15 degrees and it’s always sunny, you feel the urge to get active every day.

2. Start-up scene. You don’t need to develop a Silicon Valley-worth business idea to enjoy the high-tech vibe of Lisbon. People speak a high level of English and are excited about tech, digital solutions and innovation.

3. Liberal atmosphere. Lisbon constantly comes up in top 10 of the most tolerant and socially progressive cities in the world. So, if personal freedom is a decisive factor for you, Portugal is the place to be.

4. Perfect travel hub. Algarve with its dramatic landscapes, the natural wonders in the volcanic archipelagos of Azores and Madeira or the colourful fairy-tale city of Sintra are just a short drive or flight away from Lisbon.

5. Small city that feels like a metropolis. Cultures from Africa, Latin America and Europe, heritage palaces and castles, neighbourly locals, large business centres and a small population – all these make Lisbon a one-of-a-kind city.