What could this job bring to my personal growth and my career?

Explore your passion for travelling while discovering new places and meeting like-minded people! This job is what you make of it – maybe you’d like to spend a few years country-hopping, getting international experience or just getting a fresh start.
Understanding other cultures and customs, learning a new language and interacting with other expats will help you grow both as a professional and a person. We also spend time sharing our real-life stories – so, you’ll get to know people with amazing backgrounds!
You stand a genuine opportunity for growth in our company as we average around 100 promotions in a year. Through our more than 30 projects, you can choose from different career paths, whether you are interested in training, management, finance, operations, IT or marketing. At Webhelp, you’ll get to discover the backstage and processes of some of the most valuable companies in the world.
Come for 12 months, stay for 2 years and love it here even longer! We are sure you’ll want to grow with us, whether in Romania or in another country where Webhelp is present. Regardless of where your dream takes you, we’ll always keep in touch on Instagram!