I have some concerns about moving to a new country I don’t know. What is the experience like?

Whether for personal or professional reasons, moving to a new country is always a challenging but exciting experience. Our HR Department is here to support you and answer all your questions. And we understand how you feel because we have welcomed other brave expats like you.
Although Romania has only recently started attracting expat communities thanks to its quality of life, the country has a rich history of many ethnic groups. This makes Romanian people extremely friendly to foreign nationals. Locals in large cities are open-minded, highly sociable and speak perfect English as well as French, German, Italian or Spanish.
Given that we boast the fastest internet speed in Europe, you can always keep in touch with friends and family if you ever feel homesick. Webhelp Romania is a multinational hub that offers many possibilities to meet people and quickly make friends with stories you can relate to.