Privacy Services

We combine customer experience with expert process design, for privacy services to meet the expectations of our clients, their customers and Information Commissioners.

Dedicated teams support our clients by managing their compliance with GDPR and Privacy Policies across employee training, customer privacy requests and crisis management for data breaches, in all the customer contact services we provide.

Our approach to Data Privacy:

Expert teams

Qualified customer teams ensure all Data Privacy processes are GDPR compliant. Multi-lingual privacy experts quickly resolve Data Subject requests within agreed policies. We offer an entirely tailored solution, based on client’s compliance programs & privacy policies.

Robust processes

A specific knowledge management process, for organisation wide data privacy content, offers completely integrated policies. We readily adapt to delivering client policies within our operation facing customer teams. Thorough Case Management processes including data subject identity authentication (KYC) are applied. ​

Specialist technology

A detailed e-learning platform ensures employees understand and comply with GDPR requirements. A ticketing system manages Data Subject Request work-flow to resolution and dashboards provide insight and reporting on GDPR case compliance.


languages supported by a fully dedicated Data Privacy team


experts are also fluent in English.


faster than standard training on average (Decreased training time)

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Online Payment Management

We will help you to define and build your on-line payment strategy. You will benefit from our solutions covering both payment methods and payment terms. Working with Webhelp allows you to gain access to our White Label Invoicing solution, and our dunning and risk management services, thanks to our:

Expert Team

  • Payment specialists’ team who design your own B2B online payment strategy
  • Hubs network that cover 35 countries in Europe and North America


Robust Process

  • Deploying payment services for your business with a secured 3-month project
  • Business process fully adapted to B2B
  • European Payment Institution licence delivered by ACPR and ISO 27001 certified


Specialist Technology

  • Native integration with the main Marketplaces and eCommerce websites solutions
  • Full API global solution integrating payment, invoicing, dunning and credit insurance

Talk to us today about our B2B Marketplace and eCommerce payment services.


years of experience in payment











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Patient support services

Patient Support Programs have proved to be a strong leverage for pharmaceutical companies that need to create preference among healthcare practitioners, increase adherence to treatment and collect real-life data that helps them maintain their pricing level

As the initiator of Patient Support Programs in France, Patientys, a subsidiary of Webhelp Medica, brings a unique wealth of expertise that combines skills of healthcare professionals with specifically created tools to build and operate those programs.

Our partners believe in our work thanks to our commitment and integrity. By keeping our word and confronting our clients’ challenges, we have created long-term strategic partnerships and have helped our clients improve care and maximize patient outcome.

Our credibility is founded on
Our people

  • 25+ Healthcare Consultants who design and implement the healthcare programs​
  • 40+ remote nurses, pharmacists and doctors​
  • ​A network of 500 healthcare practitioners for field operations​

Our process

  • Mix of nurses on the field and remote nurses
  • Management by healthcare professionals
  • ​Robust quality & PV/AE management system​

Our systems

  • Fully customizable proprietary tools​
  • Use of PRO to maximize real-life data​
  • Certified Health data servers



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Services - Level 4 - Pharmaceutical sales

Over the years, we have been supporting diversified healthcare organizations to run value-based
operations and provide outstanding customer experience.
We boost sales in pharmacies with sell-in & sell-out approaches, by combining tele-operators, field reps and e-trainings.

We promote drugs through multichannel engagement programs with a clever blend of remote and field teams.
We leverage our qualified database and proprietary tools to personalise each contact, optimize results, and reduce costs.
Our international presence offers huge capabilities in terms of languages and costs (local, nearshore, offshore).

Our People

  • 30+ healthcare consultants who design and implement sustainable healthcare programs
  • More than 130 Key Account Managers who interact with healthcare practitioners on the field
  • An experienced quality management team who guarantees the healthcare legal compliance for every program
  • 30 + MSLs

Our process

  • Official certification for Medical Promotion
  • Robust quality management system in Pharmacovigilance PV/AE that ensures prompt collection, detection, assessment, monitoring and prevention of any adverse effects from pharmaceutical products
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure fully certified & audited, for healthcare data protection

Our systems

  • 20 years of valuable data about pharmacies & healthcare practitioners’ preference and behaviours
  • Fully customizable proprietary tools
  • Omnichannel experience that provides the ability to engage healthcare practitioners on all types of media









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Know Your Customer Services

We support our clients either with a full BPO approach, thanks to our KYC experts working in their system, or with a managed services approach combining “End-to-End” proprietary platform and KYC experts for tailor-made KYC.

Our approach to KYC Services:

Expert teams

A large pool of highly skilled agents operates in over 25 languages, processing over 2m documents in an average month. We provide clients with detailed account management and a dedicated project manager, using a flexible operating model for both SAAS and BPO.

Robust processes

Offering 24/7 document processing and flexible SLA, our proven methodology launches client projects within 7 weeks, providing tailor made solutions which can be adapted to specific client management rules.

Specialist technology

Our platform combines automated & human document verification and uses a simple API integration which offers flexibility and scalability and live reports and accessible dashboards provide actionable community insights.






Documents processed per month

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Legal claims management

The work of the Pre-Litigation team is varied, complex and challenging, and we support our clients by proving our people with the right skills, support and tools to effectively manage client and customer cases, delivering high quality case management. We handle over 10,000 new cases per year, while maintaining strong compliance, very low complaint levels and positive Customer Net Promoter Scores.
Our approach to Legal claims management:

Expert teams

World class pre-litigation teams are specifically recruited for aptitude, skills and ability. They undergo a detailed training and development program, supported by high level coaching from subject matter experts and a 6 months pathway to competency, which ensures high levels of client satisfaction. More than a third of our team members have over 3 years’ experience.

Robust solutions

We offer proven solutions for organisation wide case and claims management, developed in conjunction with client service requirements and desired customer journey experience. As a multinational organisation we leverage a wide range of methodologies, principles, policies and practices to deliver consistency for our clients, offering a global reach.

Technology enabled

Our ability to leverage client hosted technology platforms, as well as providing or integrating a suite of best-in class technology solutions enables us to optimize customer outcomes whilst ensuring consistency and efficiency throughout the whole life cycle.

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Technology Services

We will help your business access the technologies and expertise you need to take full advantage of the digital transformations happening now, and tomorrow.
By reducing your costs and increasing revenues, you will increase your profitability. Improving the customer experience will also help you to increase customer advocacy, thanks to our Digital Technology Services:

Digital Expertise

  • Software experts creating software designed to your needs
  • Analysts and Engineers supporting your digital services and products
  • Skilled consultants to transform your digital and user experiences

Multi-Channel capability

  • Website and mobile app design and development
  • Conversational and interactive platforms
  • Connected devices and ‘Internet of Things’ products and support

Tools and Technology

  • Rapid development and deployment using agile methodologies
  • Expertise in Web technologies: .Net, Java, PHP, RPA, Magento, React, Angular, Symfony
  • Expertise in Mobile technologies: iOS (Swift), Android (KOTLIN), Hybrid (REACT NATIVE, FLUTTER)


years of software development projects




developers, business analyst and project leaders


Agile methodology projects

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Automation Services

By implementing our Automation Services, you will benefit from improved SLAs (service-level agreement), increased customer satisfaction and reduced cost per contact.

Proven Business Scenarios

  • Replacing traditional IVRs with speech IVRs (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Implementing Self-Service scenarios using speech AI to reduce the volume of calls routed to contact centres
  • Automating low value contacts on digital with Chatbots or Mailbots
  • Automating repetitive tasks using attended and unattended Robotic Process Automation
  • Leveraging machine translation to overcome languages constraints
  • Automating call categorization and logging to reduce AHT (average handle time)

A large portfolio of technology and partners

  • A mix of in-house technologies (Telecats, Pitech+) and third-party solutions, but always leveraging latest technologies.
  • Customizable scenarios tailored to fit your business process
  • Machine translation technology to enable innovative operating models
  • Coverage across multiple languages and industries

End to end solution management

  • Centres of excellence with certified solution experts
  • 500+ IT specialists building and running solutions
Talk to us today about our automation services.


of interactions between a customer and an advisor can be automated

Up to45sec

of AHT reduction observed thanks to automation in the client/advisor conversation

Up to30%

of cost reduction by implementing Machine Translation to cover expensive or languages that are difficult to source.

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Contact Centre Technology Services

Our solutions deliver a unified queue allowing advisors to be blended across all channels (including new digital channels), a 360° customer view, self-service, gamification, integration with your CRM keeping your data safe at all time and many more advanced features.

Because one size does NOT fit all – you will have a fully personalised IT solution, designed by our consultants to support all your customer experience processes.

Flexible Platform

  • One central omnichannel platform 
  • 9+ add on features to complement the core solution
  • Webhelp customisation services to meet your exact business needs

Network of technologies

  • We combine our internal IP with a wide range of strategic & registered partners.
  • All technologies are supported and delivered by Webhelp expert teams
  • Prebuilt connectors for fast deployment
  • Open API to enable integration with your legacy or cloud application landscape (Information system, CRM platform…)

End to end solution management

  • Full design, build and managed services of your customized omnichannel platform
  • A centre of excellence with certified solution experts
  • 1000+ IT specialists managing your contact center solution

Talk to us today about your next Contact Centre As A Service.


core omnichannel contact management platform


pre-integrated additional features


customisable features according to your business needs

Up to20%

gain in efficiency with Webhelp CCAAS (Contact Centre As A Service)

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Transformation Program 

Our research has shown 71% of leaders are concerned about the impact changing customer expectations will have on their company’s growth.

There has never been more pressure on transformation programmes to deliver, whether your outcomes are to reduce cost, create a best-in-class customer experience or improve performance.

We work closely alongside your teams to:
    • Place the customer at the heart of your business, delivering a more empathetic service which builds loyalty
    • Rationalise and prioritise change according to its impact
    • Enhance the capabilities of your team to deliver and sustain change
    • Provide real-time data to inform your team in every aspect of service delivery, across front and back offices
    • Select the right technology solutions for your business, and seamlessly integrate them to enhance experience

This approach is grounded in over twenty years’ experience in aligning operations to support business strategy. Our accredited model has been developed in partnership with one a leading business school, and been used across over 50 leading organisations.


of projects fall short of being truly transformational