What is included in my salary and benefits package?

Where do you want to take your career? We will match your skills, experience and interests with our open positions and offer you the best possibility to grow with us. Your salary will be divided in 2 parts – a fixed base salary and a variable (bonus). In most cases, the variable will be linked to your personal or team’s performance.
Likewise, your salary package depends on the sector and type of role (customer service, technical support, sales), so please let us know which role you think suits you. Then we’ll review together what best adapts to your profile.
Regardless of your position at Webhelp Spain, your salary will allow you to enjoy the lifestyle and activities that the country offers. We are actively collaborating with external shops, malls and gyms, among others, to enhance your experience in the city. We do our best to help you travel, stay in good health and socialize with other adventurous colleagues.