What is your HR policy? Are there any career opportunities?

Webhelp Spain is a people-first company! And an equal opportunity employer who values and encourages diversity in the workplace. Our HR policies focus on respecting each other, appreciation towards results, working as one united team and learning new skills.
Advancing your career doesn’t necessarily come with seniority or after many years within the company. We know we operate in a fast-changing and dynamic industry. As such, if you’re committed, passionate about your work and enrol in our development programs, you can easily fast-track your career.
We love to help you grow! More than 80% of promotions in the company are internal, and we are proud of this practice. You will always have priority in internal selection processes as an employee.
If you choose to stay with us in Spain, through our career development programs, you’ll also benefit from internal mobility – you can switch between projects and even departments. Our clients come from a wide range of industries, including tech, fashion, entertainment, travel, pharma, hospitality, transport and many more you can try and experience.