Outsourced B2B Sales. More revenue. Less stress.

Eliminate the stress of managing in-house sales teams with our sales outsourcing solutions. We find and connect you with your ideal clients using market-leading technologies, advanced analytics, and sales specialists that give your business the competitive edge to close more deals faster.

Accelerate your growth with Sales outsourcing

Anyone who works in B2B sales knows it isn’t getting any easier. 93% of sales reps are experiencing significant challenges with virtual selling, while 54% find it harder to get in front of prospects than five years ago.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to use every tool at your disposal to create fresh opportunities, strengthen client relationships, and build your sales pipeline across the globe.

Outsourcing your enterprise sales is the secret weapon to generate revenue and accelerate your growth strategy.

You know your business and we know how to run high-performing sales teams. We’ve been the trusted partner to the world’s most exciting brands for over 30 years. By taking care of their demand generation, sales engagement, and client success, we give them time to fuel their growth by focusing on their core business. And we produce incredible results.

We invest time into becoming your partner and brand ambassador, acting as a seamless extension of your brand. With our certified multilingual hubs and machine translation technology, you get a sales team that can be scaled quickly, efficiently, and consistently for brand-new markets. A team that’s authentically yours.

Because you don’t have to create it in-house, it’s done for you, by an award-winning team with a deep understanding of your market and business challenges.

B2B Sales solutions

Global Sales Expertise

Access an outsourced sales team of 4200+ highly-trained B2B experts who offer global coverage of 100+ languages from 10 multilingual sales centers.

Smart Marketing & Technology

Put your business in front of the right people at the right time through marketing automation and multichannel client acquisition campaigns.

Industry-Leading Data & Analytics

Unlock better targeting, conversion, and retention through customized analytics and propensity modelling. Gain up to 40% increased talk time through our proprietary Lead Factory technology.

A Sales team that takes the lead. All of them.

Are you using the right blend of leading-edge technology and experienced talent to supply your business with high quality leads and revenue growth? We know how to balance marketing automation with insight and B2B sales experts to deliver results.  

Decades of partnership with top brands have honed our results-driven approach, putting intent modelling techniques and proprietary data enrichment into the hands of experienced, multilingual sales teams.

Sales that hit the target

Target the right audience at the right time on the right platform to boost the efficiency of your campaigns.

Stay agile

Free up capacity to test new markets or products while remaining flexible to absorb seasonal peaks.

Performance at your fingertips

Make better, data-driven decisions with a dashboard that turns data into real-time metrics.

Effortless omnichannel experience

Connect with businesses through their preferred channel to offer a seamless buying journey.

Rapid global reach

Achieve global consistency with WoWOS, our technology-enabled framework that provides access to a worldwide talent pool to scale your growth strategy.

Leave the competition behind

Gain an unfair competitive advantage through our selection and deployment of the latest proprietary technology and partner solutions.

Trusted by the world's most exciting brands

Our work with clients spans segments, industries and geographies. Combining sector-specific and technical expertise, we bring depth and breadth of experience to every project.

Webhelp has served as a real partner when it comes to accelerating our demand generation program. As a people-first businesses, we saw the value in empowering our team with data-driven insights and skill-based training to help them perform at their best. Webhelp has continued to deliver at optimal cost with the existing team. We look forward to continuing to work together to deliver an exceptional experience to our B2B customers.

Gold Stevie Award Demand Generation Program of the Year 2022

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Always consultative, entrepreneurial, data-driven, and customer-centric. We combine sector expertise alongside disruptive technologies with the talents of Webhelpers in over 70 countries. Creating solutions tailor-made to grow your business across the globe.

Our approach gets results (and awards)

We focus on the results we deliver and the value we create. We're always proud when that work is recognized by our clients, industry experts, and leading analysts.


There's nothing like the reassurance of knowing that we understand your market and your customers as well as you do. Let's take a look at our experience and capabilities in your sector.

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