Protect content moderators so they can protect online communities

Content moderators are on the frontline of the internet. They safeguard us from harmful user-generated content across social media platforms that we use on a daily basis. This role is critical.

It requires resiliency and courage to take on the job, and without the right support, it can leave a scar and take it’s toll on people’s mental and physical well-being.

We are constantly challenging the status quo to protect our guardians of the internet.

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Content moderators and their well-being

In this episode, we talk to experts in the field of people and their well-being at work:

  • Dr Sheena Johnson from The University of Manchester, Occupational and Chartered Psychologist and Professor of Work Psychology and Well-being at Alliance Manchester Business School.
  • Sam Deere, the Founder & CTO of Welbot, an innovative, evidence-based corporate workplace wellness platform designed to improve employee health and well-being.
  • Christopher Bryson, the Managing Director of Global Analytics, who created our People Analytics tool to better support our people.

Human moderators are on the frontline to protect social media users

Social media is part of our daily lives – whether that’s from reading the news, talking to friends, or selling unwanted items on the platforms marketplace. According to Statista, we spend a daily average of 2 hours and 45 minutes just on social media, and there are multiple studies on how this can affect our mental health.

But why should the large platforms neglect how this could also affect the people who manage the content which appears on our screens, and how it impacts their mental health?

With our human first approach at Webhelp, we prioritize our Content Moderators mental and physical well-being.

Protecting them means protecting the whole community

Well-being is a way of working, not an afterthought.

At Webhelp, our colleagues wellness is a priority. It’s imperative that we provide our people with the support and flexibility to protect them and their physical and mental health.

Content moderators have one of the most demanding jobs in today’s digital world – they do their best to protect us from seeing harmful content online – at the expense of their mental health. So, what can we do to support them?

Webhelp commits to best practices to protect and empower content moderators

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Conrad Electronic

Founded nearly 100 years ago, Conrad Electronic have gone from strength to strength and continue to grow in the online marketplace.

In this podcast series, Rado Svec, Vice President of Digital Platform at Conrad Electronic highlights the power of feedback and taking an omnichannel approach to understand the customer for a seamless online experience.

Key topics:

  1. Customer Satisfaction
  2. Partners & Content
  3. Differentiating in the market.

“The pace of digital transformation is rapidly expanding. With an increasing appetite for consumers shopping online, it's crucial e-commerce and marketplace platforms have a secure platform that doesn't compromise on optimizing their customers experience.”

Chloé de Mont-Serrat Co-CEO Digital Content Services

Awards & Recognition

These awards and recognition highlight Webhelp’s improvement in content moderation practices and well-being standards in the industry.

Case study: leading online retailer in France

The reality is that machines can’t suffer distress from scanning content – but people can.

The digital space is constantly evolving – it’s extremely important to have a content moderation policy in place, not just for users, but for the moderatos who work to ensure the online space is protected from harmful content.

Let’s be frank, without moderators, social media would be a very problematic place.

Moderators ensure platforms are safe, reliable and compliant. With this responsibility on their shoulders, it’s our duty to protect and support them – from workplace initiatives to onsite support facilities.

Read our latest article to learn how you can implement best practice to protect your content moderators and in return, your online communities will benefit from a seamless and integrated experience.

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