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This year, it’s expected that over 2.14 billion people worldwide are to make some type of purchase for goods and services online. And according to analysts, consumer behaviors are set to transform again within the context of the metaverse. With consumer content being instrumental in influencing both purchase decision-making and brand reputation, consumer safety must be a top priority.

There’s an opportunity for businesses to optimize and augment their customer experiences by implementing digital content services solutions: content management and moderation, data activation and data annotation to differentiate, be competitive, and stay ahead in the market.

Top tips for marketplace platforms

Latest events have highlighted that many SMBs now heavily rely on platforms to succeed digitally. In addition, it has shown just how difficult it is to adopt these new tools to be in the running for success.

We believe tomorrows SMBs will be increasingly autonomous in their digital campaigns. With a dedicated partner to support with the onboarding of these platforms, it can take campaigns to the next level and in the long-term achieve sustainable growth.

Top tips to maximize opportunities for success and revenue:

  • As a key competitive advantage for platforms it is recommended SMBs apply expert advice that goes beyond technical support throughout the entire customer journey
  • Develop industry specialization within the teams
  • Adopt a flexible operating model for fluctuations
  • Build a knowledge culture
  • Mixing BPO KPIs with digital activation ones
  • Dedicated monitoring tools and automation
  • Close focus on talent retention.

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Managing content plus delivering the right content in the right place at the right time is a tough and time-consuming challenge. Making your content consistent and engaging for your buyers is an even bigger one.

Fueled with dedicated content management processes, our content managers are experts at providing the best strategies: from data filling to key knowledge management.

Competition is fierce, if a user finds the information they were looking for on a competitor’s platform for a similar price, they will buy it from them!

Top tips to manage these challenges to improve performance and gain competitive advantage:

  • Quality over quantity: Provide a consistent user experience throughout your pages to all customers is key, even if you onboard hundreds or thousands of partners
  • An efficient queue and guidelines management system is necessary to improve productivity and avoid any leakage
  • Think about categories from day 1 of onboarding your partners’ products. They will play a valuable role in offering the most relevant products to your customers. Employing specialists to handle this process will be a key differentiator in standing out against the competition
  • Integrate Content Management: Think about this strategy as unified and collaborative, making use of the right combination of tools and the right people to enact it, is a lever to gain competitive advantage in a space that is getting more and more saturated.

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Content is a key opportunity but also major concern on digital platforms. Risks can emerge anytime, anywhere and in any language. Using in-house automated tools and processes dedicated to Content Moderation​ combined with expert moderators can provide a seamless experience. They provide users with a safe and secure platform, ensuring a flawless and reliable experience.

Top tips to ensure your platform is safe and reliable for your customers:

  • From day 1, you need to think about the wellbeing of your teams. Even if they embrace your company’s culture and values, they need extra support and attention (management structure, chill-out times, break-out rooms and more) to complete their work to a high standard and minimize turnover
  • The safety of your users’ data needs to be protected with tested & approved protocols – especially in a growing restricted environment
  • Create and maintain clear and objective guidelines. First, they need to follow regulations of all the different markets your company is present in, then it will depend on your vision of your marketplace, therefore standards need to be well considered
  • To optimize your content, we recommend a blended approach using AI, coupled with expert moderators. People alone is not cost centric, efficient and scalable, and AI-alone is not yet efficient to contextualize and understand all the different typologies of the products your partners will want to post on your platform
  • Think proactively about your Content Moderation strategy, do not leave it on the side. Content that can be found on your platform directly reflects your brand’s image and positioning in the market.

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Artificial Intelligence is the path to innovation and progress. However, most people overlook the time and effort it takes to teach machines.

Whether it’s to develop a turnkey AI-based solution to offer your customers a reliably rich database, or enhance your machine learning platform – our international network of skilled annotators is within easy reach.

Top tips that enrich your database to attract and retain customers:

  • An intelligent workflow should to be implemented to allow data annotation to become gradually automated
  • Create and maintain clear annotation guidelines
  • Datasets need to be as accurate as possible; the right people need to be assigned for the right job to ensure knowledge is well spread across the different tasks. You may need to equip your team with AI capabilities
  • Estimate the right QA rates, to ensure efficiency and reliability
  • You don’t want to lose your competitive advantage, so security infrastructure must be your priority to ensure your secret sauce remains secret.

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Augment the customer experience

The growth of online shopping isn’t slowing down anytime soon. If you have an e-commerce or marketplace business, it’s important to consistently show updated and engaging content for customers across all channels while ensuring the platform is safe and secure throughout the customer journey.

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Online user insights


Online users today can access various platforms to shop and compare products and services as a result of digitalization.

This pace of change has seen marketplaces and e-commerce platforms account for the largest share of online purchases worldwide.

Statista’s 2019 survey found that “digital marketplaces generated 47 percent of online purchases. Retailer websites and apps ranked second with a 26 percent market share.”

“The pace of digital transformation is rapidly expanding. With an increasing appetite for consumers shopping online, it's crucial e-commerce and marketplace platforms have a secure platform that doesn't compromise on optimizing their customers experience.”

Chloé de Mont-Serrat Co-CEO Digital Content Services

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