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Our analytics experts are on hand to guide you along the path of building and maintaining predictive data models to boost your business.

We help you maximise the value of your customer contact and operations data, understanding and predicting future behaviours such as “Who will purchase?”, “Who will renew the contact?”, “Who will detract?”, “Who will churn?”
We use these data-driven insights to prioritise improvements in operational performance. Armed with these predictions, we deliver timely and relevant personalised next best action triggers to increase customer value from your sales and service interactions.

Improve your customer satisfaction with:

Our people:

  • Experienced consultants backed by a central data science team
  • Marketing and content managers to deploy relevant customer communications
  • Blending analytics with operational expertise

Our Processes:

  • Bringing insight to life with data visualization
  • Test & learn within a model office setting to demonstrate real uplifts in performance
  • GDPR compliance from brief to project completion

Our Systems:

  • Webhelp’s own Smart Interaction Voice of Customer solution
  • Analytics workbench, visualisation & big data processing
  • Investing in specialist analytics tech & digital businesses

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