Content Moderation

Content is a key opportunity but a major concern for​ digital platforms as well. Risks are known to emerge anytime, anywhere and in any language and users expect their content to be published as soon as possible.

Using in-house automated tools and processes dedicated to content moderation​, our
moderators provide the best balance to not only offer your users the greatest experience but also to ensure the reliability of your platform.

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Content Management

Managing your content and delivering the right content in the right place at the right time is a tough and time-consuming challenge. Making this content consistent and engaging is even a bigger one.

Fueled with dedicated content management processes, our content managers are experts at providing the best content management strategy from data filling to key knowledge

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Data Annotation

Artificial Intelligence is the path to innovation and progress. What most people omit though, is that it takes time and effort to teach machines.
Whether it is to develop a turnkey AI-based solution for you to offer your customers, reliably enrich your database, or enhance your machine learning platform – our international network of skilled annotators is within easy reach.

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Digital Activation

Our digital activation offers our clients more flexibility, transparency, and cost efficiency by managing their campaigns while they focus on their media strategy.

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Community Management

Great social media management comes from having the right team in place. With our
expertise in recruitment and our network of Community Managers we can quickly source the best people to support your brand and Social channels.

We will help to build and manage your online communities – create trust in and promote your brand. You will also have better social media coverage to promptly support customers and prevent crises.

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