Focusing on our people is the main pillar of our approach to provide large capabilities while maintaining a high level of annotation of all types of data. Ensuring consistent and accurate creation as well as enrichment of datasets.

We perfectly know our people, and we are equipped with a proprietary tool capable of matching the right annotator with the right task.

Accurately developing Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing, we support our clients with annotation of all types of content. Whether it is for developing a turnkey AI-based solution or creating/enriching your database across any industry your company might be integrated in, we will provide you with a tangible competitive advantage.

These will be achieved through:

  • A large network of trained data annotators
  • Robust processes & quality standards
  • Best of its category proprietary technology

Depending on the level of complexity of your projects and thanks to our clear knowledge of each individuals’ capabilities across the group, we will be able to find the right profiles within our wide spread pool of 75,000 workers across the globe. Of course, if needed we will be able to rapidly recruit new talents.


A global presence to support you with any Data Annotation needs

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