“Mature content moderation and trust & safety experience with proprietary platforms, strategic partnership, functional know-how, and industry-specific deployments.” (NelsonHall)

Quality and compliant user generated content is key to develop your digital platforms. Throughout our robust processes and efficient in-house technologies, your content moderation capabilities scale as volumes evolve. With our think human approach, we protect our content moderators’ mental health.

Build trust and a safe user experience on your platforms with our content moderation solutions and benefit from the best:


Expert Team

  • 3000+ content moderation experts
  • 1 000 000 000 pieces of content in more than 25 languages every year
  • Highly flexible operations including home working and onsite production providing 24/7 availability

Robust Process

  • Facebook Marketing Partner certification
  • Customised guidelines reflecting each brand’s unique values and culture
  • Structured onboarding processes that guarantee high productivity and smooth delivery during peaks.

Specialist Technology

  • Three in one solution (automation, augmented content moderator, real time monitoring)
  • Internal tailor-made artificial intelligence and technological solutions
  • Proprietary virtual workplace solution offering a secure environment whatever the agent’s location.

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of Full Time Equivalent employees


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pieces of content in more than 25 languages every year


Net Promoter Score Employees in Content Moderation India


Attrition rate in Content Moderation in India per month

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