Customer service excellence is about making interactions easy, effective and pleasant. In addition to surveying customer opinion, our sophisticated approach to measuring customer effort analyses the actual progress of interactions and journeys, hence creating room for improvement.

Competent CX means always working towards First Contact Resolution. We hold our client’s best interest at the heart of the company and work to improve their business as if it were our own. And by putting ourselves in their shoes, we not only provide memorable experiences, we also help them to grow. Their success is driven by our ability to go beyond the standards.

Our people

  • Our advisors are empowered to go that extra mile for customers.
  • Our multilingual services are highly scalable.
  • With tailored solutions, every conversation is personalised, compelling and likely to drive advocacy.
  • We use a shared bi- or tri-lingual advisor model to serve smaller businesses with a scattered customer base, and assign our bigger language hubs with skilled talent for larger global businesses.

Our process

  • Consistent CX quality in all our global locations
  • Taking a data-led approach to customer service enables us to optimise every channel for maximum service quality and effectiveness.
  • Offering assistance and information across multiple channels, including social media, empowers your customers to get in touch in the way that best suits them

Our systems

  • Voice of the customer (VOC)
  • Customer journey mapping by use of Automated interaction & AI
  • Omnichannel approach
  • Sophisticated social listening tools for Social Media Management

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