Selling is hard.

With the digitalization of sales, companies need skilled talents to transform the last mile into success.

Data & Marketing deliver scoring at every stage of the funnel to guide the sales to the proven business opportunity, first and foremost.

We design bespoke sales models to target, to acquire, to convert, to onboard, to develop and to retain high-value B2B revenue, and ensure your clients become promoters.

We provide agile multilingual solutions with dedicated sales profiles for:

  • Channel: Recruitment, enablement and support, including MDF and sales support
  • Corporate and Enterprise accounts, lead management for new clients or new opportunities, hybrid sales mixing field and remote sales,
  • SMB: regain the advantage in a fragmented market with advanced analytics to guide sales in hunting and farming

Our end to end monitoring accurately measures market developments and ensures continuous improvement.

Webhelp Enterprise Sales accelerates your revenue growth by designing and managing integrated B2B customer sales journeys through:

  • Demand Centre, focuses on B2B lead generation by targeting the right prospects with the right message at the right time and in the right way
  • Inside Sales, converts leads to revenue and manage account through our expert modern sales engines
  • Customer Success ensures revenue retention and growth through the activation, the service adoption development and renewal to optimize recurring revenue performance.

A world class B2B enterprise sales services:

The alignment of analytics, marketing and sales generates higher performance, up to 62% more growth according to LSA.

Advanced Analytics

  • Our data expertise identifies behaviours, builds customer segmentation and conducts predictive modelling​ insights which improves the targeting, conversion rate and customer’s value
  • We provide market insights and intelligence that support the designing and evolution of campaigns

Digital Demand Marketing

  • Digital marketing & CRM tools ensure sustainable growth through accurate targeting and hence generate qualified leads
  • Webhelp Demand Center design and run omnichannel campaigns are run in the native languages of the markets addressed, simultaneously, to ensure maximum impact and reach

Modern Sales Expertise

  • A consistent global sales coverage that is delivered from our numerous multilingual hubs in Europe, America and APAC

A BtoB play book focusing on:

  • Best people: hiring, training, motivating and retaining our sales specialists who are recruited on a graduate level and are trained to product expert level
  • Consistent sales process: aiming overperformance by orchestration and dedicated floor and work from Home management. Webhelp provides a unique fun and competitive working environment, with a prospect to career development, gamification, mobility and pay for performance model. Building integrated Web & Mobile journeys for self-service and advisor assisted Sales​.


weeks on average for Proven RoI


marketing contribution to revenue

Empower great people with the best technology

Data & Marketing

  • Bespoke analytical models to improve targeting, conversion and customer value
  • Insight and Market Intelligence to support campaign design and evaluation
  • Aligned analytics and marketing, contacts and products segmentation, end-to-end performance dashboard

Digital Sales

  • Marketing automation & CRM tools – right people, right time, right message
  • Multi-channel campaigns ensuring maximum reach and impact
  • Building integrated Web & Mobile journeys for self-service and advisor assisted Sales

Sales Expertise

  • Advisors recruited to a graduate profile and trained to technical product expert level
  • Consistent Global coverage delivered from purpose built multi-lingual hubs
  • Dedicated working environment with prefers, gamification, flexibility, mobility and pay for performance model

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