Our Extended Application for Reverse Logistics (EARL) platform provides real-time insights into the status of every service request plus stock levels and work orders for every service center.

As a single consolidated dashboard, it not only enables you to keep your customers informed, it also helps you to identify improvement opportunities within the process. ​

Our people

  • 10+ years of experience​
  • 20+ service centers connected to EARL resulting in​ 35,000+ RMA’s managed p.a.​
  • Dedicated system development team for EARL deployments​
  • Flexible proposition – as a stand-alone service or part of a Commercial Assistance or Technical Support solution

Our process

  • Warranty rules & service scenarios automation provides real-time info to customers about their warranty entitlement​
  • Full self-service process for VIP retail partners via online portal that facilitate requests for multiple products​
  • Service requests are processed via an online app and fully automated 

Our system

  • EARL connects your frontline CRM and your back-end service center systems​
  • Integration of service centers though xml interface and webservices​
  • Dashboard provides information on your partner network, open service requests, stock levels, etc.

Our services help you to

  • Integrate your service and repairs processes hence improving the CX
  • Increased efficiency and cost reduction across the Repairs & Warranty Value Chain ​
  • Dedicated online Portals for high value Retail Partners reduce demand in the Contact Centre​
  • Consolidated real-time Dashboards that enable you to evaluate and benchmark Service Centre performance 

Consumer Electronics Age

62% growth in the consumers Electronics market till 2023 to a 400B market.
Rapid increase in the adoption of Consumers Electronics (CE) driven by expansion in the Global Middle Class especially in:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • TV
  • Other connected/smart living products

Consumer shifts to value

  • 20% decrease in revenue per user by 2023
  • Consumers are shifting to value instead of making choices based on cutting-edge and latest technologies

Costly repair processes

  • 20% of product returns in the CE market
  • In a segment where disruption from new brands is a constant and customers are increasingly looking for value, placing pressure on margins, reducing costs for repair and warranty management process key for consumer electronics sector

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