A successful Helpdesk combines the right tools and efficient processes with skilled and knowledgeable personnel to create flawless user experiences and that’s exactly what Webhelp is all about. ​

We deliver tailored Technical and Helpdesk Solutions that bring all of these elements together to add economic value for clients and great experiences for users. Our Helpdesk specialists are not only trained in service, we also instil advanced technical skills which makes them highly competent in swiftly resolving inquiries with first-time contact. 

Our people: 

  • Multilingual support with 25+ languages
  • Over two Million tickets/incidents processed per month
  • 24/7 consistent global coverage
  • Flexible operating models that provide exact or integrated teams depending on the need

Our processes:

  • ITIL compliant which establishes continuous improvement 
  • Customised ticket-ownership which ensures accountability of resolution
  • 24/7 monitoring and rapid response availability for incidents

Our systems:

  • Tailored dashboards which provide full visibility of service performance and ticket root-cause drivers​
  • Ability to work with existing client systems to accelerate deployment
  • Digital and Automation solutions that optimize self-service adoption
  • Customer-specific Omnichannel solutions
  • Virtual Support Assistants to increase productivity

Your added value from our tiered IT solutions:

  • Quick reaction to sudden seasonal changes thanks to flexible staff planning​
  • Fewer downtimes which increases productivity​
  • Increase of customer satisfaction ​(CSAT)
  • Permanent reduction of IT costs​
  • Certified service competence and technical know-how from our IT specialists
  • Professional expertise on the highest level​
  • Optimised steering and efficient workload of the field service
  • Flexibility in terms of subject-related demands


Downtime impact on productivity


user satisfaction relates to speed


Mb AI has the potential to improve self-service


First call resolution

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