Patient Support Programs

We work hand in hand with our partners to build agile, innovative educational and adherence support services to achieve better outcomes.

Patient Support Programs have proved to be a strong leverage for pharmaceutical companies that need to create preference among healthcare practitioners, increase adherence to treatment and collect real-life data that helps them maintain their pricing level.

As the initiator of Patient Support Programs in France, Patientys, a subsidiary of Webhelp Medica, brings a unique wealth of expertise that combines skills of healthcare professionals with specifically created tools to build and operate those programs.

Our partners believe in our work thanks to our commitment and integrity. By keeping our word and confronting our clients’ challenges, we have created long-term strategic partnerships and have helped our clients improve care and maximize patient outcome.

Our credibility is founded on

Our people

  • 25+ Healthcare Consultants who design and implement the healthcare programs​
  • 40+ remote nurses, pharmacists and doctors​
  • ​A network of 500 healthcare practitioners for field operations​

Our process

  • Mix of nurses on the field and remote nurses
  • Management by healthcare professionals
  • ​Robust quality & PV/AE management system​

Our systems

  • Fully customizable proprietary tools​
  • Use of PRO to maximize real-life data​
  • Certified Health data servers



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