Know Your Customer services

A streamlined Know Your Customer (KYC) route, respecting regulations and complying with digital transformation, is key to a successful activation process.

We support our clients either with a full BPO approach, thanks to our KYC experts working in their system, or with a managed services approach. It combines “End-to-End” proprietary platform and KYC experts for tailor-made KYC for an optimal customer onboarding experience.

Our approach to KYC Services:

Team of experts

A large pool of highly skilled agents operates in over 25 languages, processing over 2m documents in an average month. We provide clients with detailed account management and a dedicated project manager, using a flexible operating model for both SAAS and BPO.

Robust processes

Offering 24/7 document processing and flexible SLA, our proven methodology launches client projects within 7 weeks, providing tailor-made solutions which can be adapted to specific client management rules.

Specialist technology

Our platform combines automated & human document verification. It uses a simple API integration which offers flexibility and scalability. Live reports and accessible dashboards provide actionable community insights and monitoring capabilities. Our solution allows the bespoke design of a seamless and frictionless customer onboarding experience.







Why us?

Any documents


  • ID, driving licences, proof of address, pay-slip, legal status, bank details…
  • Automatic data extraction and verification enhanced by manual intervention
  • Complex and simple files

Human & Machine


  • High-end technology platform with a mix of manual & automated checks
  • Full process coverage, End-to-End service (collection, extraction, analysis, scoring, notification, probative archiving)


  • Fully customized solution fitting clients’ needs using on-demand parameters
  • Personalized back office tool and dashboards
  • Capacity to manage global and multilingual projects

AML / CTF risks

  • Realtime Namecheck against sanction lists, Interpol, PEP
  • All processes and services compliant with AML, AFA, GDPR and eIDAS requirements
  • Compliance expert’s advice for project implementation

Technology Aggregator

  • Best in classes OCR technologies
  • E-signatures
  • API connection to multiple external database
  • Video streaming capabilities

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