Swiftly resolving technical issues is essential to guaranteeing flawless business continuity. Our solutions allow your customers to get the best value from the product as well as regain systems and application access for your employees to enable them to work more effectively.

Our dedicated technical SME’s offer outstanding customer service technical support also as Tier 2’s and Tier 3’s for Product Managers, IT Developers and Quality Managers. Thanks to their expertise, global leading brands trust us to deliver exceptional technical services on their behalf.

Our solutions:

  • Improve the customer and user journey as a result of the fast resolution of technical issues
  • Reduce employee downtime and productivity losses related to systems and application issues
  • Turn the customers and employees into advocates and promoters through the positive Technical Support experiences
  • Continuous improvement with a focus on service delivery, product quality and testing
  • Customised Ticket-ownership processes which establishes accountability for resolution
  • 24/7 monitoring and rapid response availability for incidents

Our multi-channel services include:

Voice – our multilingual telephone support covers presale questions, product use, functionality and troubleshooting

E-mail – Specially-trained advisors who rapidly take care of end user inquiries

Live Chat – Competent advisors who efficiently handle complex questions during and after the purchasing process via chat

Auto-chat – In case customers are in a hurry, our automated chat tool answers their queries through the web.

Forum, community and Social media moderation – we either use our own tools or the clients’ applications to moderate online communities and forums. Our teams also monitor social media dialogue related to the brands and products we support.

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