Set new standards and optimize performance using Webhelp’s next-generation technologies.

Our technologies help take customer experience to the next level. It’s all based on artificial intelligence, automation, and even neuroscience – but the smartest part is how easy it is to use.

At Webhelp we don’t see technology as just a tool to fix problems – but more so, a great means to create world class customer experiences:

  • Polyglot

Our machine-learning translation solution supports advisors to interact with customers in any language, while ensuring the conversation is high-quality. Polyglot works with people and technology in brilliant harmony, by combining the speed and power of AI with emotional intelligence and cultural nuances.

  • Smile 😊 Voice Transformation

Doesn’t sound like brain science – but it is. Our proprietary tech is based on over 17 years of research, showing that people mirror, and respond positively, when hearing smiling tones. Built by our experts, Smile is our way of creating more authentic customer interactions as a standard. Smile enhances the clarity, pitch, and emotion the advisor’s voice uses on the line, ensuring their positive intentions make it to the customer crystal clear, lifting the experience and boosting brand advocacy.

  • Intelligent automated communications

Today, advisors are faced with hundreds of thousands of emails sent by customers. We’ll work with you to automate customer communications processing at any stage of your workflow, boost efficiency, and free up advisors to use their imagination and emotional intelligence when and where it truly matters.

People and technology in brilliant harmony. Webhelp brings the latest developments in artificial intelligence and natural language processing together with the talents of our imaginative brand ambassadors – a clear win for productivity, performance, and most importantly, customers.

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