Trust Webhelp to maximize results and gain a holistic insight into your customer experience.

We blend human expertise with new technologies in AI and automation to design out excess time, cost, and imperfections in your customer experience workflow. We’ll also uncover insights from your CX operation to drive robust decision-making.

  • Create a Virtual workforce

Use Webhelp to create your virtual workforce – where routine, transactional calls are managed via Robotic Process Automation and machine learning.

Streamline the way you process high-volume, transactional calls to cut costs and customer waiting times. In our experience, up to 60% of volumes can be automated – increasing productivity by around 30% and freeing advisors from overwhelming admin to focus on higher value, personalised interactions.

  • Speech Analytics

Phone calls make up around 80% of requests received by contact centres, but just 3% are evaluated. Work with Webhelp to become a brand that doesn’t just hear, but truly understands its customers.

Our proprietary call portal platform records, transcribes, summarises, logs, and classifies your customers’ calls to save time and cost in processing. This integrated model also unlocks the Voice of the Customer by unpicking powerful, but untapped data from these calls, enabling you to identify trends and patterns. This provides opportunities to work smarter, shaping your products and services.

Our data scientists work with you at every step, coordinating any external technology partners so that solutions meet the specific needs of your business.

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