Olivier Duha, who still leads us today, partnered with Frédéric Jousset to found Webhelp.

“We set out to be a pioneer providing amazing customer experiences in the digital world.”
We differentiated Webhelp with our groundbreaking business model leveraging online and digital technology, unique solution design, and the great skills of our people to create loyalty building customer interactions.

Our first 5 years, we grew our success in the French CRM market via a multi-disciplinary approach.

Our unique best-shoring model matched the talents of great people to the needs of our clients, in a cost-effective and value creating manner. With innovation being at our core, we not only designed technology-enabled solutions, but also invested heavily creating the best employee experience.

The next half decade saw Webhelp expand rapidly in both services and locations.

By 2010, we were present in 5 countries offering a wide range of new services to our growing client base. We also made our first acquisition in France, solidifying our market leadership in the French market. Our strong belief that amazing CX drives loyalty pushed us to continuously go the extra mile.

The start of a decade of high growth.

We opened new locations for our clients, and welcomed many new members to the Webhelp family through 5 acquisitions, including our expansion into Northern Europe and the UK. Now a European leader, we continued to develop our range of services. We became a business solutions partner serving over 500 brands and covering the end-to-end customer journey.

On our path towards global leadership, we became the nr1 player in Europe, supported by a significant acquisition in Spain and Germany.

We also made strategic acquisitions in technology and services, strengthening our digital offerings and transformational capabilities. As passionate game-changers, we continued to innovate while maintaining our unique culture.

We celebrated our 20th anniversary with our new global brand, reinforcing our unique positioning and our vision to make business more human.

Now in over 50 countries, we are serving over 1300 brands every day. Two decades in, we maintain our agility, disruptive mindset, and the ambition of being the biggest start up in the world.

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