Being a people-first organisation during a pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has profoundly impacted the way we all live and work, forcing organisations to rapidly adjust to a new reality. As an organisation that prides itself on putting people at the heart, our number one priority will always be to keep our people safe. This approach, coupled with our rapid mobilisation of home working models for our clients, has uncovered our agility and adaptability, enabling us to continue growing and achieving our goals amongst this year’s challenges, which we are incredibly proud of.

Protecting our people

Webhelp is committed to making business more human, and our people are central to achieving this.
In February, we entered the COVID period with an incredible team of nearly 56,000 Webhelpers, always willing to make a difference in the lives of our client’s customers as well as in their local communities. We rapidly transitioned over 70% of our teams to work remotely, with all the relevant equipment and protocols to ensure safe and regulated work. With the incredible work from our teams, in a short amount of time we have established new digital resources for team leaders to support home working operations through new communication models to support our new and existing Webhelpers in changing practices and behaviours in new working environments.
From April – June, we delivered more than 650,000 masks to our colleagues. Where sites are being progressively and cautiously reopened, we continue supporting our colleague’s health through the delivery of masks and thousands of litres of hand sanitizer and extensive extra cleaning routines.

Supporting our clients

We have continued to work as trusted partners for our clients, adjusting their working practices and service models to meet the new requirements. As we have the experience of homeworking with our experienced agents at INVIRES, we were ready and able to rapidly adopt and continue a quality level of service for our clients, and support new clients where the infrastructure and local preparation wasn’t available.
Introducing new technology solutions has been essential to delivering successful home working solutions, especially for clients in highly regulated environments. We have built and designed a fully PCI compliant payment service which allows full card and payment masking within home working spaces, matching the protocols we have for working on site. Through introducing IVR opportunities with retail clients, we have also been able to further support their compliance and the safeguarding of data.
Hybrid models of flexible working allow colleagues to rotate shifts, working from either home or our office sites, to manage sensitive data access where necessary.

Delivering growth

Amongst all the chaos, our resilience has been preserved. We continued to deliver exemplary service to our clients and their customers and acquire new clients along the way.
We have now welcomed a further 6,000 people into the Webhelp family, some of whom will have never been to one of our offices, using remote recruitment, onboarding, and training. In our Asia-Pacific region we have increased our total headcount by 45% since January 1st, 2020, and continue to expand our operations in different locations within this region.
We are not limited to a single location site as we consider our service to be geography agnostic. Moving rapidly and flexibly, we have been able to establish fully virtual contact centres which are delivering service that is consistently outperforming against peers on first contact resolution, touchpoint net promoter score and employee engagement.
The future will result in different ways of working as focus moves to introducing hybrid models, drawing the best of both worlds through local hubs acting as centres of excellence to provide knowledge sharing, coaching and training to support home workers.
This crisis has forced organisations to adapt and rethink the way they deliver services and our clients, old and new, continue to rely on us to operate safely, quickly, and resiliently.

Discover Webhelp's Work Abroad Program

International mobility means opportunities even in the most challenging of times

As a people-first company, not only do we strive to enjoy every day but also listen to our colleagues as to how they wish to live their careers. Relocating to a new country to start an international career is always a great challenge, especially during a global crisis.
At Webhelp, driving innovation is part of our DNA. That is why we have set out to make international mobility still a possible, safe and enjoyable experience! We have developed our Work Abroad program with you in mind – our colleagues who want to explore new cultures and career opportunities as well as future Webhelpers who dream of a fresh start.
The Work Abroad program is part of our new Website. So, let’s dive in the online features and functionalities that will bring you closer to your dream lifestyle.

Find out what country you match with

Meet our interactive Job Matcher! The fun quiz is the first thing you will see when you land on our Work Abroad page. Your international journey starts by answering 3 simple questions. We use a quick algorithm that will match you with the country most suited to your personal preferences and professional goals. You might have more than one soulmate country! So, have fun and redo the quiz as many times as you wish.

Find out what it is like to work in your country of choice

Now you have an idea of where you would like to live your next 12 to 24 months or maybe your entire life. So, let’s take a quick journey into that dream destination!
As game-changers, we conducted a survey with people who work with us as well as former colleagues and even employees from other companies. Why? To get a real feeling of what it is like to work in the country you would like to call home.
The destination section refers mainly to the overall employee sentiment within a certain region. However, this is where you will see open positions available at Webhelp in your country of choice. Likewise, from this section you can select the city (site) where we operate.
We also gathered data from various reliable sources, and we recommend a monthly budget based on your salary at Webhelp in relation to the cost of living in your country of choice. This way, you can better plan for fun activities and common necessities.

Dare the adventure in your favourite city!

Getting the low-down on a country is great. But you will mostly live in a city while working abroad. To provide you with accurate and relevant information, we worked closely with expats living in the cities where we operate.
Each piece of content was written, edited and revised by multiple members of our local creative and HR teams, with the help and input of our expat Advisors.
This is where we also advertise our international open positions for our sites. So, when an available job feels like a match, apply and we will get in touch with you within a few days, if not hours.

Say hi to your new lifestyle

We strive to offer you a realistic glimpse of what to expect while working abroad at Webhelp. To create this piece of content, we interviewed dozens of our expat colleagues. So, you will get a feeling of the country through their eyes and experiences.
Our film crew also went the extra mile. Literally! They flew to our sites to capture the city vibe and our office culture. Follow our Webhelpers in their quest to show you authentic experiences and some impressive vistas of their second home! For example, check out how Denisz from Ukraine works and lives in Barcelona.

When in doubt, contact our friendly ambassadors

But what if you are still undecided about your chosen destination? Our colleagues from around the world will be happy to answer all your questions related to cost of living, relocation assistance, open positions and many more.
We have also taken a unique approach with our FAQ section. Since we put our people at the heart, we have divided our frequently asked questions in 3 parts: Your Life, Your Career and Your Adventure. Reading through the answers will feel personal, human-orientated and transparent.

Stay tuned for Meet Webhelpers

We believe in an engaging work culture. And our Webhelpers are the best ambassadors to reinforce our values. Coming soon is our new blog section featuring ‘the person behind the job’. You will find out what it is like to start and advance your career with us, how to stay resilient when you fail or how to succeed when you struggle. All these from a personal point of view of our Webhelpers!

For the past 20 years, we have thrived in challenging circumstances and strived to help our people achieve their goals. Despite the current pandemic, we know that international mobility is crucial to business growth and employee satisfaction. We encourage you to explore our opportunities abroad and dream further than ever before!

The future of travel in the post COVID world

The arrival of COVID-19 may have changed the travel industry forever. We’ve asked sector expert, and Webhelp Global Director, Nora Boros, to reflect on how far we have come and, most importantly, what the future holds for this most human of industries?

What was the travel industry landscape prior to COVID-19, were there any ongoing issues, or significant changes on the horizon?

Although it feels like an age away right now, looking back to 2019 the outlook for the travel industry was fairly optimistic and, on the whole, the industry was in a place of maturity in customer experience - especially when compared with other sectors which might be perceived as being weaker in this area such as financial services.

In fact, the industry had developed some depth in the ability to emotionally and personally connect with its audience, in order to deliver unique leisure experiences.  Brands were using new consumer behaviours to create buy in, especially in creating enriched customer journeys, something that I explored in a previous blog.

As travel is such a broad and diverse industry, some disruption was evident and there were emerging players and newcomers to the market, joining travel from competing sectors.

There was the growth of personalised, sustainable and eco-tourism, and its impact on the traditional value, luxury and price based travel campaigns - plus the continued arrival of start-ups, bringing new technology, fresh services and additional booking avenues to the industry.

Unfortunately, some areas of the travel industry were already financially fragile. For example, where low operating margins coincide with high cost in distribution or intermediation. This is especially apparent in models where there are go-betweens such as resellers, who are bridging the gap for providers and the consumers themselves, and draining income flows.

Alongside this, there was the growing financial challenge faced by the traditional retail brick and mortar travel providers from new players in digital technology.

And, there was huge impact from the way that technology can very quickly, change a regional provider to a global one – going digital provides the ability to easily disseminate an offer across multiple geographies and languages.

Interestingly, at Webhelp we are in the perfect position to provide support in this area, creating a unified customer experience across multiple markets.

What was the initial response to COVID-19 from the industry, and what challenges did Webhelp face as a company?

In the past decade, the travel industry has weathered many storms, including the ash cloud crisis in 2010 and the impact of the tragic events of 9/11. So when COVID hit, there was the awareness that it was going to hurt – but it was approached with a certain amount of resilience.

We saw a significant drop in sales volumes across our existing client operations, which we approached with a high degree of flexibility. As a people first company, we value our people and moved to protect them with swift workforce management measures like redeployment and adapted hours while working to reduce negative financial impact on our clients.

The travel industry has a substantial learning curve when producing the best customer advisors, particularly in the airline, tour-operating and hospitality segment. There must be a deep understanding of the sector, tools and processes – which can only be provided by time-served and highly trained advisors.

We focussed on retaining this wealth of experience; we knew that once the immediate challenge passed, our clients would need a highly skilled service.

And, it’s important to note, that as sales volumes fell, customer service needs in areas like refunds, information and rescheduling rose dramatically.  We protected the industry and our clients by cross-skilling advisors, redeploying them and introducing homeworking, where possible, to protect our people and ensure continuation of service.

We have also deployed automation where possible to accelerate digital transformation at a lower cost.

We entered a crisis discussion with one of our clients, who were understandably deeply concerned for their business and were considering calling off their contract. In response we provided a clear and robust financial roadmap through the crisis, working with local legislation to retain our people, safeguard their salaries and reduce the financial drain on our client and the ability to re-invest the savings to the post-crisis situation.

And now, as the industry is gradually returning to business under the next normal, our client is in an ideal position to come back strongly – and appreciates the flexibility, cost reduction and value Webhelp brought to the long term relationship.

Can we touch on the impact of COVID from an air travel perspective?

Yes, obviously the global travel industry has a symbiotic relationship with the airline industry, because travel by its very nature is closely linked to transportation.

The past three months have created a highly unusual situation, with limited (or no) cross border transportation and grounding several airlines.  This is without a doubt one of the single largest crisis’ to hit ANY industry, and we will see ripples and consequences for the next decade, if not longer.

There will be lasting consumer trends resulting from this, including a renewed interest in sustainable tourism and more purposeful, meaningful travel.

The recovery period for airlines may create a decrease in availability resulting in a potential price increase, both for the leisure market and particularly for business travellers. I think that for the corporate market, recovery will be much longer, and many companies will need to adapt their propositions to suit this new reality.

As a consequence we should see short term growth in domestic markets, as people have less in their pockets and less opportunity for international travel. There will be a return to travel as a simpler and more meaningful activity, with family relationships and new experiences assuming greater importance as some global destinations are limited.

The way ahead for the industry and your thoughts on the future of Travel under COVID-19?

Transformation and restructuring will be visible across the whole industry, which is already evident in the actions of Ryanair and British Airways and hotel chains like Marriott and Hilton. Travel companies will need focused customer experience during this difficult time and Webhelp can really support operational and digital transformation in this area.

Change is certainly ahead for the hospitality industry, and some independent hotels could struggle to comply with the new social distancing regulations, reduced guests and increased costs required to stay open while maintaining the bottom line.

Travel brands, like Airbnb, and Expedia, with more diversified portfolios or private rentals where new regulations and safety measures can be introduced quickly, may be in a position to benefit.

As we live more flexible work lives, leisure travel will become blended with business needs, creating the new travel concept of ‘Bleisure’, something that we will be exploring in future blogs.

The real trends will become more apparent in the first quarter of next year, as the financial and social effects of COVID become clearer.

And finally, I think that the human experience of travel, the need for personal contact and connection will be increasingly valued and promoted.

Travel is the most universal way to unlock boundaries and understand how diverse and beautiful the world is, and I am confident that the industry will recover and remerge. It may be changed but will remain just as meaningful.

In future blogs we will explore the travel horizon in further detail, re-imagining the customer experience and looking at how this can unlock meaningful opportunities for the travel industry. Feel free to contact Nora Boros via LinkedIn and to explore more of our services.

Han är Webhelps nya ledare på Frösön

Niklas Edentoft har tagit an rollen som Head of Operations och ansvarig för kundservice-företaget Webhelp på Frösön.

Webhelps nya Head of Operations Niklas Edentoft kommer från ett jobb som enhetschef i Östersunds kommun där han har varit anställd de senaste tre åren. Han är utbildad inom sociologi på Mittuniversitetet och har dessutom yrkesbakgrund som officer i Försvarsmakten med bland annat sex månader i Afghanistan. 

  • Att få driva och bygga upp en ny stor arbetsplats och verksamhet i Östersund är en jättespännande möjlighet som jag självklart tackade ja till när jag fick chansen, säger Niklas Edentoft, Head of Operations på Webhelp. Mitt jobb på Webhelp är otroligt givande på grund av alla människor som vi jobbar med, som vill utveckla och utvecklas med oss under resans gång, berättar Edentoft.

Webhelp har tidigare gått ut med att företaget planerar att växa i Östersund, och Edentoft bekräftar att rekryteringen kundservicemedarbetare fortsätter under hösten.

  • Vi är otroligt glada för att ha rekryterat en så kompetent och erfaren ledare som Niklas till vårt Webhelp-team på Frösön, säger Camilla Lundgren, kundansvarig på Webhelp. Niklas’ passion för människor är en ”match made in heaven” för vår verksamhet på Webhelp. Vi delar våra värderingar kring ledarskap och ”människan först”-filosofin och jag är övertygat om at vi tillsammans bygger Östersunds bästa arbetsplats, avslutar Camilla Lundgren.


För mer information, kontakta:

Camilla Lundgren, kundansvarig på Webhelp,
+46 70 247 00 81


Webhelp “Think Human”

Webhelp rings in its next phase of strategic development with new brand

Paris-headquartered Webhelp, the European leader in customer experience and business solutions, today revealed its revamped brand platform, supported by an updated visual identity.

The group’s new brand reunites the strengths of its collaborators in 36 countries today and plays a key role in its ambitions to grow to a global leadership position.

The group’s new vision of “making business more human” is founded strongly on Webhelp’s existing company culture, as well as the role enterprises play in society and the rising desire of consumers to create emotional connections with the brands they engage with. No matter the activity in business, people are involved and therefore are the main focus of Webhelp’s brand.

“At Webhelp we truly believe if you focus on the person in front of you, suddenly everything comes alive” explains Olivier Duha, co-founding President. “this holds for each connection built between a brand and a consumer, but just as strongly between employer and employee, client and provider. Helping hard things become easy takes empathy and imagination

The new brand identity, which has been built inside-out, in partnership with the brand experts at FutureBrand, showcases a warm, welcoming and vibrant visual system and color palette, and reflects the group’s people-first culture and game-changing mentality. Providing services to thousands of clients across the world with a wide range of Customer Experience and Business Solutions, the group puts its clients at the heart of its all its activities, thus forming true and lasting partnerships.

Frédéric Jousset, co-founding President adds: “over the years we have continuously invested heavily in both enabling and matching our clients’ needs to technologically innovative solutions, as well as our people. We feel embracing technology is key, and it’s the people that deploy these tools that make the difference and take the experience to the next level.”

“We are truly excited to reveal the new face of Webhelp, which better expresses who we are to the world, following an intense project of close to a year. We have engaged with stakeholders from all areas and levels of our business and believe we have created a vision and brand that’s built to last, as is shown through the enthusiasm of our new future shareholders at GBL regarding the outcomes of the project.” States Sandrine Asseraf, Group Secretary General.

About to celebrate its 20th anniversary, having grown from a challenger to top player in Europe, both through organic growth and acquisitions, Webhelp aims to maintain and accelerate its performance through its redefined vision and mission, together with the strong collaboration of its investment partners. Webhelp is currently in the final stages of negotiations with GBL as new investment partner, stepping in for KKR, and expects to announce the closing of the deal before the end of the year, after obtaining the regulatory authorizations required.


Making business more human for the world’s most exciting brands

We live in an era of fast connectivity and AI. Today, human experiences have even more power to make businesses come to life in customers’ hearts and minds.

Webhelp is committed to making business more human.
It’s through this commitment that Webhelp enriches customer experience, and designs business solutions that create value for the world’s most exciting companies.

Webhelp is a partner across a range of services including customer experience solutions, social media moderation through to payment services.

Hundreds of brands across the world trust Webhelp because of their people, the culture they work in, and the ideas and technology they put to work.

Webhelp believes that Emotional Intelligence creates a lasting impact, and their skill in marrying a differentiating human touch to the right technology is what makes a real difference for their clients.

By choosing Webhelp they access the passion and experience of 50,000 game-changers from more than 140 locations in 36 countries. Each one determined to bring their own intelligence, empathy and experience to the table every day. Webhelp invests in people and the environment they work in, because they know that when people thrive, it has a powerful impact on them, their customers and on their partners’ business.

Webhelp believes that making business more human leads to a better customer experience - and a healthier bottom line.

Webhelp is the European leader in their industry, with a revenue of €1,4B in 2018, and aims for a global leadership position. Webhelp is currently owned by its management and KKR, a leading global investment firm, as of March 2016.

Groupe Bruxelles Lambert enters into exclusive negotiations for the acquisition of the Webhelp group

GBL announces today it has entered into exclusive negotiations to acquire a majority stake in the Webhelp group, together with its co-founding shareholders, Olivier Duha and Frédéric Jousset, who would retain their role as founding executive directors, and its management team.

Founded in 2000, Webhelp is today one of the world's leading providers of customer experience and business process outsourcing (BPO). The group has doubled in size since the KKR acquisition in 2015 and aims to achieve a turnover of €1.5 billion in 2019. Webhelp develops innovative solutions combining consulting services, technological solutions and omni-channel processing capabilities thanks to its
55 000 employees in more than 35 countries. This performance is the result of an organic and external growth strategy that GBL aims to maintain and accelerate together with the strong collaboration of the co-founders and management.

As a result of this transaction, GBL would acquire a majority stake in Webhelp on the basis of an enterprise value of €2.4 billion.

It is expected that the legal documentation will be signed by the beginning of August for completion, after obtaining regulatory authorizations for use, within the course of Q4 2019.

Ian Gallienne, CEO of GBL, said: "We are enthusiastic to become a partner to Olivier Duha, Frédéric Jousset and the Management team in continuing the successful development of Webhelp, supporting the transition from a European Champion to a Global Leader. This transaction is consistent with GBL’s announced objective to increase its exposure to private assets.”

Olivier Duha and Frédéric Jousset, said: “We thank KKR for its investment over the past 4 years and we welcome with confidence GBL in order to write together a new growth and investment phase. The management team has chosen to surround itself with a shareholder renowned for its longstanding support to companies with international ambitions such as Webhelp.”

Stanislas de Joussineau, Director at KKR said: "We are proud to have been a partner for Olivier Duha, Frederic Jousset and the outstanding management team at Webhelp over the last four years to create one of the leading global business process outsourcers. During our ownership, Webhelp has doubled its revenues to €1.5 billion and increased its number of employees globally from 30,000 to over 50,000. We believe the company is strongly positioned for future growth and we wish Webhelp and GBL every continued success."



About Groupe Bruxelles Lambert

Groupe Bruxelles Lambert ("GBL") is an established investment holding company, listed on the stock exchange for over sixty years and with an indicative net asset value of EUR 19 billion and a market capitalization of EUR 14 billion at the end of June 2019. GBL is a leading investor in Europe, focused on long-term value creation and relying on a stable and supportive family shareholder base. GBL strives to maintain a high quality, diversified portfolio of global companies, leaders in their sectors, with whom it can contribute to value creation as an active professional investor. GBL seeks to offer its shareholders an attractive return, resulting in a sustainable dividend and growth in its revalued net assets.

GBL is listed on Euronext Brussels (Ticker: GBLB BB; ISIN code: BE0003797140) and is part of the BEL20 index.

About Webhelp

Webhelp is a global business process outsourcer (BPO), specialising in customer experience and payment services in addition to sales and marketing services across voice, social and digital channels.

From more than 150 sites in 36 countries with an approximately 50,000-strong team, our focus is on engineering performance improvements and delivering a real and lasting transformation in our clients’ operating models to generate financial advantage. We partner with some of the world’s most progressive brands including Sky, Shop Direct, Bouygues, Direct Energie, KPN, Vodafone, La Redoute, Michael Kors and Valentino.

Headquartered in Paris, France, the company has grown its revenues by more than 250% in the last 4 years by investing in its people, the environment they work in and developing its analytical and operating capability to deliver a transformational outsourcing proposition that addresses the challenges of an omni-channel world.

More information can be found at

About KKR

KKR is a leading global investment firm that manages multiple alternative asset classes, including private equity, energy, infrastructure, real estate and credit, with strategic partners that manage hedge funds. KKR aims to generate attractive investment returns for its fund investors by following a patient and disciplined investment approach, employing world-class people, and driving growth and value creation with KKR portfolio companies. KKR invests its own capital alongside the capital it manages for fund investors and provides financing solutions and investment opportunities through its capital markets business. References to KKR’s investments may include the activities of its sponsored funds. For additional information about KKR & Co. Inc (NYSE: KKR), please visit KKR’s website at and on Twitter @KKR_Co.


För sin nya samarbetspartner COMHEM anställer kundservice-företaget Webhelp 150 nya medarbetare.

 Stockholm 2019-04-10: Webhelps satsning i Östersund tar allt fastare form. Just nu pågår en omfattande rekryteringsprocess för att hitta 150 nya kundservice-medarbetare till företagets nya Östersundskontor.

– Vi har kommit överens med COMHEM om att satsa i Östersund, berättar Camilla Lundgren, kundansvarig på Webhelp.

I början av april kom nyheten om Webhelps planer för etableringen av ytterligare ett kontor i Östersund i Diös’ lokaler på Fritzhemsgatan 1A. Nu har fler detaljer blivit klara. Till exempel står det klart att det är ett partnerskap med COMHEM som är bakgrunden för att Webhelp etablerar ett nytt kontor i Östersund i maj.

Fram till dess pågår en intensiv rekryteringsprocess, som ska säkerställa att 150 nya medarbetare kommer på plats. Medarbetarna anställs direkt av Webhelp och inte via bemanningsföretag. Utbildningar av nya medarbetare startar upp redan i maj månad.

– Vi ser fram emot att utöka vår verksamhet i Östersund och bidra till utveckling och tillväxt i regionen. Eftersom kundkontakt är en så grundläggande kompetens som efterfrågas i enormt många verksamheter, är ett jobb på kundservice ett klokt och hållbart val för framtiden, berättar Lundgren. - Jag hoppas och tror att våra medarbetare kommer att trivas på vårt nya kontor, säger Camilla Lundgren.

Webhelp söker både nyutbildad arbetskraft med gymnasiekompetens, liksom ledare och specialister till det nya Östersundskontoret. Webhelps första kontor i Östersund finns på Armégränd där verksamheten fortsätter med full kraft.

För mer information, kontakta:

Camilla Lundgren, kundansvarig på Webhelp,

+46 70 247 00 81

Terje Andreassen, CEO på Webhelp,

+46 70 226 42 85


Webhelp i Sverige

Webhelps verksamhet i Sverige tillhör Webhelp Nordic inom Webhelp-koncernen och omfattar bland annat contact center och kundservice via telefon, e-post och chatt för företag som Nespresso, SJ, Cancerfonden, Bonnier och Electrolux med flera. Webhelps främsta resurs är det nätverk av medarbetare som arbetar som rådgivare och arbetar för att lösa problem, förklara och förenkla för kunder. Verksamheten inkluderar även konsulttjänster kring lösningar, analys, design och utveckling. I Sverige finns Webhelp etablerade i Stockholm, Norrköping, Göteborg, Kalmar, Östersund, Umeå, Ånge och Piteå. Webhelp är ett bolag med stark tillväxt - under 2018 blev Webhelp hela 50 000 medarbetare. Webhelp Nordic är medlem av branschföreningen Kontakta, och har fått certifieringen Trygg Kundkontakt för 2019.

Webhelp planerar satsning i Östersund

Skapar 150 nya arbetstillfällen under 2019

Webhelp Nordic etablerar ytterligare ett kontor på ny adress i Östersund och påbörjar en omfattande rekryteringsprocess. Planen är att anställa 150 nya medarbetare under våren. – Östersund ger oss fantastiska möjligheter för oss att växa, förklarar Camilla Lundgren, kundansvarig på Webhelp Nordic.

Webhelp har mycket goda erfarenheter och mycket goda relationer med såväl det lokala näringslivet som kommunerna i regionen. Planerna om en fortsatt expansion har funnits länge och nu har Webhelp hos Diös hittat fantastiska lokaler som är helt anpassade för verksamheten, där vi i tillägg får en makalös utsikt över storsjön.

Webhelp, som är ledande expert inom kundservice och teknisk support, har redan tagit kontakt med både Östersunds kommun och arbetsförmedlingen för att förbereda den kommande rekryteringen.

– Vi hoppas kunna presentera mer kring satsningen under våren, men vi öppnar upp för jobbansökningar redan nu, via vår webbplats, förklarar Camilla Lundgren.

Webhelp söker både nyutbildad arbetskraft med gymnasiekompetens, liksom ledare och specialister till det nya Östersundskontoret. Under de närmsta veckorna kommer Webhelp att bjuda in till öppna rekryteringsträffar där alla som är intresserade får chansen att träffa både medarbetare och ledare och ställa frågor.

 – Vi brukar få frågor om allt från kollektivavtal, vilka utvecklings- och karriärmöjligheter som finns på lite längre sikt, vår kultur och våra värderingar och om hur en arbetsdag på Webhelp ser ut, säger Camilla Lundgren och blickar framåt. Lundgren ser fram emot att träffa folk i Östersund med omnejd som vill arbeta med att göra vardagen smidigare och enklare för våra uppdragsgivares kunder.

– Östersund är en central knutpunkt i Sverige, en region med goda kommunikationsmöjligheter, ett universitet som driver utvecklingen framåt och ett rikt näringsliv. Vi ser fram emot att fortsätta vara en aktiv del i detta, säger Camilla Lundgren.

– Det är naturligtvis väldigt roligt när ett långsiktigt samarbete kan ge sådan bra utdelning. Att vi får hit 150 nya arbetstillfällen betyder mycket både för kommunen och regionen, kommenterar Anders Wennerberg, kommundirektör i Östersund.

- Det känns fantastiskt att kunna erbjuda Webhelp nya moderna lokaler i centrala Östersund. Satsningen bidrar till att fler människor kommer att röra sig i stan och att nya arbetstillfällen skapas är helt enligt vår plan och vårt sätt att bidra till utveckling för Östersund. Vi själva flyttar till nya lokaler på Prästgatan och det råder bråda tider så att vi båda kan vara på plats redan i mitten av maj, säger Johan Fryksborn, affärschef, Diös Östersund/Åre.


För mer information, kontakta:

Camilla Lundgren
Kundansvarig på Webhelp
+46 70 247 0081
Terje Andreassen
CEO på Webhelp


Webhelp Nordic meddelade tidigare i år att företaget blir SJ:s partner för servicecentret i Ånge, med 100 anställda.

 – Vi är så glada över att flytta in här i Ånge, och vi känner oss redan varmt välkommna både här på kontoret och i regionen, säger Terje Andreassen, vd på Webhelp Nordic.

Webhelp är Europas ledande expert inom kundservice och teknisk support och Webhelp Nordic har cirka 1 800 medarbetare över hela Norden och Baltikum. Webhelp utvecklar smarta lösningar för att göra det smidigare att vara kund hos företag.

Samarbetet och det långsiktiga partnerskapet med SJ utvecklas ständigt, och en förstudie togs fram tidigare under 2018.

  • Den förstudie vi gjorde tillsammans med SJ pekade på ett behov för ökad grad av digitalisering och att ta fram bättre verktyg. Det jobbar vi med just nu, i tillägg till att vi självklart skall bli bättre känd med varandra och bidra till att den goda Webhelp-känslan växer på kundcentret i Ånge, lägger Andreassen till.

Webhelp firar invigningen med tårta och mingel måndagen den 3. september.