What are the 5 best things to do, see or experience in your city?

Ready for another short listicle? Here we go:

1. Astonishing architecture. Bucharest has a mix of everything – colossal communist buildings like The Palace of the Parliament, contemporary skyscrapers, Paris-style palaces, Art Nouveau influences, Gothic designs and Renaissance structures.

2. Boat sailing, in Herastrau Park! Bucharest shelters lush, elegant and large parks peppered throughout the city. Most of them feel like a world apart from the bustle of the metropolis.

3. Sports. Romania is famous for its Olympic legends in gymnastics, like Nadia Comaneci. But most of us aren’t that flexible and superhuman. So, we enjoy football, tennis, cycling, martial arts and even fencing.

4. Food scene. Romanian cuisine will delight your taste buds! But locals in Bucharest are also big on fusion dishes that combine recipes from all over the world – Italian, Lebanese, French, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, you name it!

5. Farmers’ markets. Romanian organic products have the most authentic taste! Once you try fruit and vegetables sold directly by farmers at incredibly low prices, you will discover savours you didn’t know existed.