What is the company culture like at Webhelp?

Our company culture is in continuous evolution! We love our diversity above all, and everyone is welcome as they are – that is our mindset! Here in Spain, we’re dynamic, cosmopolitan and we find reasons to enjoy every day.
Once you join us, you’ll see that socializing, keeping in good health and developing the team spirit are our way of life. You can take part in afterwork activities such as ski weekends (yes, Spain has award-winning ski resorts too), sports, charity events and many more.
Our WebHEALTH initiative is a global campaign that promotes health and well-being within the company. And this truly resonates with our colleagues from Barcelona. We like to keep active, stay in shape and play sports. Football is quite a big deal here. But you already knew that.
In our Barcelona offices, you can enrol in yoga classes, Jujitsu, a biking club and a smoking cessation group, among others. And you never know… you might even end up being an influencer as well. Just have a look at #WebhelpsGotTalent on Instagram!